The White Lotus: Season 3 will be set in Thailand

Creator Mike White flies to Asia for the third installment of the award-winning anthology series set in a luxury resort: here are the new previews.

There was a lot of talk about Asia immediately after the end of the second season of The White Lotus and now it seems confirmed: the third season of the anthology series of Mike Whitewinner of 10 Emmys, will be set in Thailand. He reveals it Variety citing several sources close to the production, but for the moment HBO is not commenting on the indiscretion.

The White Lotus: Thailand chosen as the location of the third season

Every season of The White Lotus, we know by now, focuses on a group of guests on vacation in one of the luxurious hotels of the fictitious White Lotus chain. The first season was filmed in Maui, Hawaii, while the second was filmed in Sicily, Italy. It now seems certain that Thailand will host the stories of new tourists and new employees of the White Lotus (e not Japanas the actor and friend of Mike White had speculated Johnny Knoxville some weeks ago).

If, as happened for the first two seasons, the production chooses a hotel of the prestigious chain Four Seasons, then the choice could fall on Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui or the Golden Triangle, the four locations in the country that host a resort of the global giant of luxury hotels. Being in different areas, they would offer a multiplicity of settings (city, countryside, jungle or beach). Filming for the third season hasn’t started yet. For the moment, it seems that Mike White and other members of the production have simply flown to Thailand to explore the country and choose locations. No names of new cast members have been leaked yet.

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Mike White’s statements

Immediately after the season two finale, Mike White had already given some clues about the setting of the third season by generically indicating Asia and saying that he could deal with themes such as “death and oriental religion and spirituality”. “We are going to explore Asia and look at those countries there. My instinct is that maybe it will have to do with Eastern spirituality versus Western religion. Or Westerners dealing with an Eastern culture,” he told Vanity Fair. After money (first season) and sex (second season), the series could therefore focus precisely on spirituality.

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