Friday, March 1, 2024

Star Wars: Disney+ celebrates the saga’s most disturbing relationship on Twitter by mistake

Star Wars: Disney+ celebrates the saga's most disturbing relationship on Twitter by mistake

The Disney+ Twitter account has received numerous comments from fans after accidentally sharing a photo of the saga’s most disturbing relationship.

Star Wars: Disney+ celebrates the saga's most disturbing relationship on Twitter by mistake

I fan di Star Wars they did not abstain from commenting on a mistake made by Disney+ through his Twitter account. In a tweet, the platform erroneously celebrated the love story between Luke and Leila, considered the most disturbing of the stellar saga.

As Star Wars fans know, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker were initially introduced as strangers before realizing they were twins. While the initial idea was to start a love triangle, the shocking news in Return of the Jedi about their familial bond changed everything, eventually leading to the birth of Leia and Han Solo’s relationship.

In a tweet that was later deleted and which showed some of the couples who “we will ship forever…again and again”, Disney+ placed a photo of Leia and Luke with the caption Han and Leia. As reported by ScreenRantthe SoCalAuthor Twitter account brought the bug to the attention of other users and Disney+.

At that point some users also referred to Game of Thrones which brought the relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister to the small screen. Many, therefore, the comments attracted by the Twet published by Disney +. “Oh no!” writes a user while another claims to feel “embarrassed by the picture“.

It can not be true!“, still reads below the Tweet that managed to save what was canceled from the Disney + account. A mistake therefore that Star Wars fans will hardly forget and that the same platform will be careful not to repeat a second time.