Pantafa: free cinema tickets also for Florence

Florence joins the cities of Rome, Milan, Bologna and Turin for the promotion of Pantafa, here’s how to receive free cinema tickets for horror with Kasia Smutniak.

Pantafa: free cinema tickets also for Florence

From March 30 it arrives in Italian cinemas distributed by Fandango Pantafa, horror signed by di Emanuele Scaringi and interpreted by Kasia Smutniak, Greta Santi, Mario Sgueglia, Betti Pedrazzi, Giuseppe Cederna, Mauro Marino and Francesco Colella. Some lucky spectators will be able to attend free screenings in the city of Firenzewhich has been added to Rome, Bologna, Milan and Turin, thanks to complimentary tickets made available.

Pantafa, written by Tiziana Triana, Vanessa Picciarelli and Emanuele Scaringi himself is produced by Fandango in collaboration with Rai Cinema, and will arrive in cinemas starting from 30 March.

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Pantafa: a scene from the film

How does it reveal the synopsis of Pantafa: “Marta moves with her daughter Nina to Malanotte, a small mountain town. For some time the little girl has been suffering from hypnagogic paralysis, a sleep disorder that can lead to hallucinatory states, and Marta thought that a little air mountains and distance from the bustle of the city can benefit the little one. The house they move into, however, is far from welcoming and on the streets of Malanotte you never see children. Nina’s symptoms begin to worsen from the very first night, the little girl has increasingly vivid nightmares in which a spectral figure sits on her chest, immobilizes her and steals her breath.For Marta, a single mother in a country that appears increasingly sinister to her, it will be more difficult every day to find the way to do what’s best for your little girl“.

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Free tickets in Florence: where and when


Thursday 30 March 10 tickets (5 names) Friday 31 March 20 tickets (10 names) Saturday 1 April 30 tickets (15 names) Sunday 2 April 20 tickets (10 names)

How to request free tickets

Tickets, two for each individual name, will be assigned until sold out and must be requested by sending an email to [email protected]. Warning: only those to whom tickets will be granted will receive a response to the request email.

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