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Men and Women, Gemma Galgani in tears because of Tina Cipollari: screams and tears in the dressing room (VIDEO)

Men and Women, Gemma Galgani in tears because of Tina Cipollari: screams and tears in the dressing room (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canal3 5, Silvio Venturato and Gemma Galgani leave and Tina Cipollari increases the dose a little too much with her comments, causing an uproar in the episode. Let’s see what happened.

Today at Men and women we see the conclusion of the story between Silvio Venturato e Gemma Galgani, with the knight finally deciding to keep the two female suitors who have come for him and give himself a chance. Space then to the classic throne with Lavinia Mauro and two Alessio, her suitors. What will happen?

Men and Women, Gemma Galgani in tears because of Tina Cipollari, Armando Incarnato comes to the rescue

Silvio Venturato decides to keep the two suitors who have come to meet him, after the insistence of Tina Cipollati e Gianni Sperti. The two commentators, in fact, are of the opinion that the knight should go ahead and give himself a chance to be happy, given that Gemma he doesn’t want it. Thus, the knight decides to continue his acquaintance.

You switch to the classic throne with Lavinia Maurodealing with her suitors. In the last episode, the tronista saw one of her tronistas, Alessio Corvinoleave the program, tired of the little confidence that Lavinia has towards him. The first external that is shown is that of the tronista with Alessio Campoli who has decided to introduce his best friend to the girl with a video call and the two decide to end the outdoor session with the cameras off. Also comes the turn of Alessio Corvino and the two finally make peace on the outside. However, in the studio, Gianni Sperti he wants to try to understand why he has returned to the studio and asks him to clearly say what he feels for the tronista, because he is always very shy and now I am on the verge of this choice and therefore he must decide to expose himself more.

However, the suitor seems to be trying to get around the question, stating that he has returned to clarify with the tronista for the question of the photos and reports that have reached the editorial staff. Finally, cornered, he admits he did miss her and that’s why he decided to come back. The situation seems cleared up and when Maria asks the tronista who she wants to dance with, Lavinia first he replies that this time he doesn’t want to dance with anyone, but then on the presenter’s advice he agrees to do two dances, starting from Alessio Corvino. Campoliwho had joked that Lavinia he would have decided to dance with first Raventhus finds himself “on the bench” and leaves the studio during the dance.

During this moment, Tina shows signs to the cameras on which he wrote some of the hottest moments lived by Gemma Galgani in recent years, proving that the lady is not as modest as she says she is. As a result she gets that the Turin lady left the studio in tears and took refuge in the dressing room. To point this out is the landlady and Tina decides to intervene by calling the editorial doctor and go with him to the rival’s dressing room to help her recover. Of course, when Gemma he sees her burst into tears even more furiously and the two end up yelling at each other, with Gemma who rages accusingly Tina of wanting to “tarnish” the memory of beautiful stories lived in the past with men important to her, while the columnist accuses her of being a liar and a hypocrite. Maria he leaves them yelling at each other and shifts attention to the studio where he has arrived Diegoa suitor who has come to know Roberta Di Padua. The boy is almost 31 years old, has three children and is a teacher and struck by his words, Roberta decides to keep it.

We return to the controversy between Gemma e Tina: the lady is still in the dressing room e Maria asks to Silvio if he wants to join her, but the knight refuses. When the lady returns to the studio, Tina starts to annoy her again and surprisingly intervenes Armando Incarnate: the knight admits that it is sad to see such a woman as Gemma should be the object of hilarity and criticism, when, in the end, he only asked that his times be respected. The knight is unusually calm in exposing thought and more than addressing Silvio and to what happened with Gemma has words towards those who – in the female parterre – laughed and applauded when Gemma she was in trouble. Her words provoke the reaction of Silvio who decides to ask for further explanations and the younger knight continues to remind him that he did not want to respect the lady’s times, despite having admitted that he is interested in her and this is not love for him.

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