Amici 22, Emanuel Lo with an open heart on Giorgia: “That’s when we fell in love”

The Amici 22 coach tells how his love story with the singer Giorgia was born.

Emanuel Lo and Lorella Cuccarini I am at the helm of one of the three teams in the Friends evening 22. Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the coach of the twenty-second edition of talent show talked about this new television experience and unveiled how his love story with the singer Giorgia was born.

Emanuel Lo’s confession of love

Emanuel Lo and Giorgia have been together for about twenty years. To reveal a few unpublished background on their long and intense love story thought about it dance teacher of Friends 22. In a new interview given to the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the professional choreographer and dancer said:

We are discreet but our relationship is born on stage. As soon as I returned from abroad, Giorgia asked me to dance in a video clip of her. I was already crazy about her. He then called me on his 2003 tour. And, between one concert and another, we fell in love (…) His voice excites me and when he sang with Elisa, like many of you, I no longer understood anything for the beauty of that moment. I was on the sofa, literally in tears.

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Emmanuel Lo also talked about relationship with his colleague Lorella. In the second episode of the Evening of Friends the two coaches performed in a very passionate gauntlet that was also commented on social networks by Giorgia. In this regard, the dance teacher said:

I met Lorella Cuccarini in 2000. Paola Barale hosted a show on Italia Uno in the early evening, it was called Macchemù. They asked me to dance with Lorella, it didn’t seem real to me. Then we worked in other programs such as Night flies on Canale 5 and Uno di noi on Rai Uno.

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