Temptation Island, two former competitors have become parents: that’s who it is!

A former couple of Temptation Island contestants have announced that they have given birth to their first child. Here’s who they are and what they said.

Two former contestants of the reality show Temptation Island they became parents of a little girl: it is a couple well known to fans of the program, who announced the birth of their daughter a few hours ago on social networks.

Temptation Island, Alberto Maritato and Speranza Capasso have become parents

Hope Capasso e Albert Maritato they became parents of the little girl Antonia Married, an unusual name, already unveiled a few months ago. A few hours ago the couple, who participated in Temptation Island in the latest edition that aired, she welcomed her eldest daughter, a beautiful little girl. Initially, the couple had not resisted the pressure of the program and so shortly before the end of the reality show they had decided to separate.

The turning point came out of the program, because after several pushes and pulls, Capasso e Married they got back together and are now parents. The news of the birth had already been anticipated by Marriedwho shared photos of him on social media Hope before entering the delivery room. The announcement came from him, but the emotion for the birth of his first daughter made him be particularly concise, so much so that he published a simple story on social media in which he declared:

“Guys, it was born! A kiss to all, see you later!”

A very concise statement, due to the emotion and desire to immediately want to be with Hope and the little one Antonia Married. The baby was born by caesarean section, due to some problems, but both she and her mother are fine.

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