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Frozen 3, the enthusiasm of the authors of the music

Frozen 3, the enthusiasm of the authors of the music

The announcement of Frozen 3 also surprised the composers of the saga, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who told Collider their reaction to the idea exposed by Disney.

Indeed the announcement a few weeks ago of Frozen 3although not unpredictable in the category of things, has arrived suddenly by the Disney CEO back in office, Bob Iger. Surprising even more to know that the duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopezauthor of songs mythical saga, knew nothing exactly like us. However, they told Collider that the explanations received from the team of Walt Disney Animation Studios they were exciting…
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Frozen 3, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez knew nothing about it

They wrote “Let It Go” (“I will rise at dawn“) e “Into the Unknown” (“Into the unknown“), due songs iconic of Frozen e Frozen 2the first awarded with theOscar and the second only candidate: Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez however, they said that they had not been informed of the existence of a concrete project for Frozen 3 before Bob Iger’s announcement. Feeling rightly co-parents of the saga, so far directed by Chris Buck e Jennifer Lee (also creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios), however, they quickly made up for lost time. And what they learned motivated them.

It was a surprise for us too. (…) They told us the same day, telling us a little about what they were thinking. She wowed us. Now we have to let the wheels of Hollywood start turning, but we really felt like it excited by their ideas. (…)
The thing we like about our career, if we can say what we like, is that we can choose projects that we are so passionate about. For Frozen, when they showed us pictures of little Anna and little Elsa, we said to each other, “It’s Katie and Annie, the our daughters. We will do it for them. That’s what we have to tell the world now.”

In short, don’t worry: Kristen and Robert will be in the match for Frozen 3, and there is no surprise. Not reconfirming them would have compromised the very nature of the saga, and the reasons why the public is so passionately attached to it. Collider’s interview was born to cover the release on Hulu (then Disney+ Star section in Italy) of the musical series Up Herewhich features songs written by the pair.