The Ladies’ Paradise 7, because Stefania and Marco broke up

Ladies’ Paradise 7, why did Stefania and Marco break up?

Writing this article is not easy. For heaven’s sake, we’re not talking about rare diseases or internal wars, but – always reminding us that this is a soap – it is not because we are perfectly aware that the developments reported in the Season 7 Stake Block 136-140 sneak peeks they have disappointed/will disappoint a lot of fans. We too, however, have always rooted for Stefania and Marco or – to use a more suitable terminology – we have always shipped the Sancolombos. Although we are a bridge between the two poles – production/press office and public – in this we are just as spectators as you are. SPOILER WARNING: don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens in the next episodes of the soap. Yes Ladies Paradise 7why did Stefania and Marco break up?

Ladies’ Paradise 7, Did Stefania leave Marco for Federico?

Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo) in a scene from episode 18 de
Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo) in a scene from episode 18 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Rai

The hypothesis that has not stopped circulating for some time is that Stefania – once in America – approached Federico. Cattaneo was his first great platonic love, who showed up when Colombo published her book. The girl – as far as we know – never confessed this message to Di Sant’Erasmo. Why keep it hidden from him? We still don’t understand (besides not sharing the choice).

Ladies’ Paradise 7, will Marco and Stefania get married in the finale?

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According to the advances mentioned above, Marco returns to Milan, confessing to Tancredi that the real reason and the break with Stefania. Assuming and not granting that it’s the whole truth (because we talk about “truth” a little too often here), Is there any hope that the two will marry in the finale?

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Yes, dear Sancolombini, as long as we are here, hope will be the last to die. Let’s loop this scene from season 7 episode 50 to give credit to this light at the end of the tunnel. Marco and Stefania had a great time, like they haven’t been for a long time. Marco promises himself to be less impulsive. Colombo, on the other hand, thinks that passion is an indication of the belly and the heart. Green offered him a position as reporter. “I have to tell you one more thing.” “Tell me!” “‘I love you so much'”: it is Marco’s statement. She reciprocates. “I love you very much”.

We would like to bring the curtain down here, for now, but there will be updates.

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