Christian 2: our interview with the protagonists Silvia D’Amico and Edoardo Pesce

The third of our interviews carried out on the occasion of the presentation of the second season of Christian is the one with the main protagonist, Edoardo Pesce and with Silvia D’Amico, his Rachele. Waiting for the airing on Sky and streaming on NOW from March 24th, let’s hear what they told us about their long-awaited return.

In our tour de force of meetings with the authors and interpreters of Christian, the very original series produced by Sky and Lucky Red, which has quickly reached a second season, certainly could not miss the one with those who, albeit in a choral context, are the main protagonists. That is to say Edward Fishwhich is Christian, e Silvia D’Amico, who is Rachele, the former addict brought back to life by the thug with the stigmata, who has remained very close to him. In the first season she was trying above all to take an economic advantage from his powers, but now things will change and Rachel will become a real conscience for Christian, transforming into his fascinating Jiminy Cricket. It’s always a joy to talk to two such talented actors and above all so nice and down to earth. This is our short but fun chat, where we even talk about “Lord of the Flies”, the novel by William Golding, which could give some indication of the fate of the forced utopia that the new king of the City-Palace seeks to create for his subjects. And speaking of Abruzzo, we know very well that there is the sea and it is also beautiful, but there is none in the one in the series, which is none other than Morocco. To understand the jokes you will have to watch the series, in the meantime we remind you of the appointment with the first two episodes of the second season of Christian tonight, March 24, on Sky and streaming on NOW.

Christian and Rachele: an evolution as a couple

In the first season, Christian, half-brother of Lino, the cynical and cruel boss of Citt√†-Palazzo, was the tool he used when it came to punishing someone who had gone astray. Until the day when the thug found himself with sore hands, punctured by the stigmata, unable to exercise violence. We have seen him perform miracles and wonder about the meaning of this sudden superpower, torn between love for his mother and the need to find his own way in these changed circumstances. The meeting with Biondo, a mysterious “angel”, had shown him the way and in the end Christian had avenged himself for the murder of his beloved mother by killing Lino himself, who in his own way ensured peace of mind for his subjects. Now Christian has to figure out if he wants to succeed him and what kingdom he intends to build. Rachele is the first person he has cured: she was the last stage drug addict of the neighborhood, willing to sell herself for pennies, that she died of an overdose, until Christian, accidentally touching her, brought her back to life. Since then, Rachel has never been able to let go of him, but in the second season we see her change, accompanying the man in her mission, giving him advice and trying to fix things with him. After all, Rachel is Christian’s Mary Magdalene, and their bond, albeit less spiritual than that, is indissoluble.

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