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Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2023: Lifetime Achievement Award to Christine A. Maier and Jacopo Quadri

Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2023: Lifetime Achievement Award to Christine A. Maier and Jacopo Quadri

The Austrian cinematographer Christine A. Maier and the Italian editor Jacopo Quadri receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2023.

Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2023: Lifetime Achievement Award to Christine A. Maier and Jacopo Quadri

Double Lifetime Achievement Award of the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2023: the prestigious award, this year in collaboration with the Bolzano Tourist Board, will be awarded to the Austrian director of photography Christine A. Maier and to the Italian editor Jacopo Quadri.

Christine A. Maier, wonderful image maker with an international career
“The making of a film is certainly not limited to the contribution of directorsactor and producer*. I think it is necessary to further recognize and give visibility to other professions that build, imagine and invent cinema – says Vincenzo Bugno, new Artistic Director of the BFFB. It is following this conviction that we have decided to award a Lifetime Achievement Award to Christine A. Maier, a wonderful researcher and image maker, a well-established cinematographer in her home country of Austria and elsewhere, who from the very beginning of his activity has contributed to the success and visibility of a decidedly frontier cinematography, the Bosnian one”.

There are two films chosen by Maier to represent her work at the next edition of the BFFB. In addition to Quo Vadis, Aida? by Jasmila Žbanic, – story of Aida, interpreter in the negotiations with the Bosnian Serb units in Bosnia in 1995, after having sought refuge in the UN camp of Srebrenica – in Bolzano will also be proposed Lichta 2017 film by Barbara Albert, on the true story of the young blind pianist Maria Theresia von Paradis, a parable on the obstacles that female talent must face to establish itself in Mozart’s Vienna.

Jacopo Quadri, to date 13 awards and 21 nominations in the past in his career. “Editing as the soul of cinema, perhaps a very pragmatic, methodical soul but certainly a builder of artistic and narrative identities”this is how Vincenzo Bugno describes the importance of editing and consequently the choice of the other 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes to Jacopo Quadri, “one of the most significant personalities in Italian cinema of the last (at least) thirty years in my opinion: a great editor, or rather an editor, an invaluable partner of directors including, just to name a few, Bernardo Bertolucci, Mario Martone, Gianfranco Rosi , Marco Bechis, Paolo Virzi, Apitchatpong Weerasethakul”.

Two titles chosen by him will also be offered as part of the Lifetime Achievement Award dedicated to Jacopo Quadri. We are talking about Garage Olimpo, a 1999 film by Marco Bechis, on the tragic season of the Argentine dictatorship, presented at countless festivals and to which Jacopo Quadri feels particularly attached, and Lorello and Brunello, directed by Quadri himself in 2017 , the story of two twins who, in the Tuscan Maremma, take care of the family farm: a film awarded at the Turin Film Festival and presented, among others, at the Berlinale.