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Shadow and Bone: Six of Crows spin-off scripts are complete

Shadow and Bone: le sceneggiature dello spin-off Six of Crows sono complete

With the arrival of the second season of Darkness and Bones on the Netflix streaming platform, there has been more and more talk of the possible spin-off on the group of Crowsthat is to say Six of Crows. The latter is part of the larger Grishaverse created by Leigh Bardugo: The story takes place two years after the trilogy of Shadow and Bone, in the course of which follows a gang of thieves planning an impossible heist. The Netflix adaptation of the main story introduces i Crows in the first season, giving them an original storyline that prepares their eventual coup in Six of Crows.

Eric hotter revealed that all eight episodes of the planned spin-off series have already been written

Speaking with Comicbook, the showrunner not only praised his writing team for crafting the story, which could take place after the events of Season 2 of Shadow and Bonebut he also revealed that the script for the eight episodes is practically completed:

“The Crows absolutely need their own series for that heist, and I know that because we wrote all eight scripts for it. It’s the best writing my team has ever done. Partly, it’s because it’s the best writing that Leigh (Bardugo) has built for us.”

Con Six of Crows already completed, there is a strong possibility that i Crows do not appear so prominently in a potential third season of Shadow and Bone. Since Six of Crows appears to be the next TV project of the adaptation of the Grishaverse of the streamer, the tv series is likely to run parallel to future events of Shadow and Bone.
If that happens, chances are the group won’t appear again in future seasons in the same prominence, especially since it’s only the first half of a duology.

However, future seasons of Shadow and Bone they could also take place later Six of Crows, marking an important departure from the books, where the duology takes place two years after the trilogy. Also due to the changes made to the adaptation of the mother series in the second season, in which Alina e Mal they separate after the defeat of Darklingmajor timeline shifts may also occur in the future.
The deadly robbery in which Kaz and his team embark could take place between seasons of Darkness and Bonesgiving to Crows the ability to return before the end of the main series.

If the group returns to the main series, then the spin-off will become a must for anyone who wants to fully understand their story in subsequent seasons of Shadow and Bone. Se Kaz eh Crows return after their spin-off, the heist could have larger implications that will alter the final act of Shadow and Bone towards the third season. With all of the first season of the spinoff currently being written, though, it seems like hotter and his team have a well-thought-out plan to keep the budding universe expanding.

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