Who is Daniela Ioia, Rose of Un Posto a Sole?

Who is Daniela Ioia of Un Posto al Sole?

Who is Rosa Of A Place in the Sun and who plays it? Last November 2022, the long-running Italian soap opera welcomes new characters ready to leave their mark on the plot of the soap.

Let’s talk about Rosa e Manuel, mother and son recently introduced in the stories of Palazzo Palladini. But who plays them in A Place in the Sun?

We know the young man Manuel D’Angelo and the note Daniel Joia, actress remembered by the public for starring in other successful television productions as in the case of Gomorrah, The bastards of Pizzofalcone and soon also in Sea Out 3.

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The Neapolitan interpreter joins the main cast of A Place in the Sun in the role of Rosa. So let’s find out all the new arrivals below.

From left: Manuel D'Angelo, Luigi Miele and Daniela Ioia In
From left: Manuel D’Angelo, Luigi Miele and Daniela Ioia In “Un Posto Al Sole” Credits: Rai

Pink A place in the sun

After meeting the young man Damiano (Luigi Miele), a man in Eugenio’s escort who is ever closer to the beauty Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin), now delving into the history of her family.

Indeed, Damiano reveals to Viola that he is going through a very complicated period with his wife and son, and for this reason he asks for the woman’s help.

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So ours Viola gets acquainted with Rosa e Manuelwhile the latter knows little Antonio, Viola’s son, with whom, however, he does not seem to get along very well.

In the meantime, what strikes Viola’s attention is precisely the strange attitude shown by Rosa in his regards. Damiano’s ex, a woman hardened by the past of her life, immediately demonstrates a strange way of doing that she ends up worrying Bruni.

Over time, however, the character of Rosa ends up gaining the fans of A Place in the Sunespecially when he gets the new job of take care of the Terrace and his apartment son Nico.

To find out more about their story, and their problems, we just have to wait for the next episodes of the soap aired every day, from Monday to Friday, from 20:55 premiered on Rai 3.

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