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Amici 22, one of the students of the program is the protagonist of the film by Beppe Fiiorello: this is who it is

Amici 22, one of the students of the program is the protagonist of the film by Beppe Fiiorello: this is who it is

In Beppe Fiorello’s next film, one of the students of the twenty-second edition of Amici is the protagonist. That’s who it is.

Beppe Fiorello he recounted, guest from Fabio Fazio a Che Tempo Che Fa, his directorial debut experience with the film Strangeness of love, which hits theaters March 23. And, one of the protagonists of the film will be a well-known student of Amici Of Maria De Filippi: it’s about the dancer Samuel Secret.

Amici 22, Beppe Fiorello talks about Stranizza d’amuri, directorial debut film starring Samuel Segreto

The hip hop dancer Samuel Secret is one of the two protagonists of Strangeness of lovedirectorial debut film by Joseph Fiorello. The actor and director told in the living room of Fabio Fazio what it meant for him to shoot this film which tells the tragic love story between two Sicilian boys, Gianni and Nino, played by Samu Segreto it’s yes Gabriel Pizzuro. The story is inspired by true events in Sicily in the 80s. The director revealed that he moved the beginning of events in the film by two years, to make the story coincide with the soccer World Cup.

The story tells of two teenagers, in love with each other, who mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Their bodies were found a short time later with their hands intertwined. Next to the bodies of the two teenagers, a farewell note which revealed the intentions of taking their own lives together, because “we can’t stand insults”. At the time the news became a media case and Beppe Fiorello revealed the reason that prompted him to tell this story right now:

“I kept the story with me for 12 years and waited to grow older to tell it. I’m proud to be Sicilian, because Sicily has spawned the biggest gay rights movement, even though it’s little talked about.”

During the interview, Beppe Fiorello he also mentioned Secret Samuelcurrently one of the students competing at the Evening of Amici:

“The protagonists of this film are Gabriele Pizzurro and Samuele Segreto. Samu is currently working with Maria De Filippi. I say this to greet Maria and give her a hug.”

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