Sun 3 season will be there: release and streaming

Sun 3 will be there

Dom 3 season there will be! This is the excellent news that comes from the Amazon Studios on the future of the successful Portuguese TV series produced by Conspiração, now directed by Adrian Teijido following the sudden death of the director Breno Silveira last May 2022.

Inspired by true story of a father and son who find themselves on opposite sides of the war on drugs in Rio de Janeiro, Dom 3 season is officially confirmed as June 2022, kicking off filming at the locations of Rio, Rocinha, Roquette Pinto e Tavares Bastos as of January 2023.

Waiting to see it land on Prime Video with i new episodeswe recall that the second season of the award-winning Dom is available in Italy starting March 17, 2023.

When does Sun season 3 come out?

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As for the exit of Dom third season, an official release date has not yet been announced by Amazon. However, considering that the filming of the new episodes are starting to start from January 2023imagine watching new episodes streaming on Prime Video during 2024. To be sure, we just have to wait for an official announcement from the platform.

Previews on Dom 3

Inspired by the book of the same name by Tony Bellotto, Dom third season will continue to follow the intriguing and dangerous events of Pedro Dom (1891-2005), a real-life character known to be the leader of a gang linked to organized crime in Rio de Janeiro, despite his policeman father.

Cast of Dom 3 season

Looking forward to discover the cast completo Of Dom third season, here are the first official confirmations on the occasion of the release of the new episodes. In the new chapter they will undoubtedly return Gabriel Leone (Pedro and Flavio Tolezani (Victor), together also with Rachel Villar e Isabella Santoni.

Dom season 3 episodes

Let’s imagine the production of eight new episodes just like for the first two seasons created by Breno Silveira died of a heart attack last May. Creator, screenwriter, director and producer of the show, Silveira has completed the recording of the second season produced by Conspiração Filmes. Now, as anticipated, the direction will pass to the showrunner Adrian Teijido.

Dom 3 trailer, does it already exist?

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At the moment it is still too early to watch the official trailer of Dom third season. Waiting to find out, here is the second one.

Dom 3 in streaming

In streaming, as for the first two seasons, also the third chapter of Dom will be available exclusively on Prime Video in all territories reached by the streamer.

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