Men and women, Silvio Venturato speaks: “Gemma lacks nothing to make love”

Silvio Venturato, among the new knights of the over throne trying to conquer Gemma Galgani, with an open heart in the Men and Women magazine.

“I’ve already told Gemma everything about myself. In the show you saw me playful and playful, but I’m not superficial. I suffered a lot when my ex-wife died, and I still have moments of melancholy today because I’m alone and this I don’t like it. I wish I had someone next to me”. And Silvio more serious, intimist, he opens up to himself with an open heart but also – with great sincerity – to his own limits in order to make himself better known to the public of Men and womenas well as by the lady he is seeing.

Men and women, Silvio Venturato speaks: “I have a physical attraction for Gemma and I’m ready to change”

“About my physical relationships with Gemma she teased endlessly, like silly and superficial people she says, but she lacks nothing to make love: there is so much attraction and I told her”

The Galgani he scolded Silvio not to be very romantic. And, in this regard, the knight declared:

“It’s not true that I’m not a romantic, I am and I demonstrate it in all the twenty-four hours that I’m with my woman. If I arrive at home I don’t say “Ciao my love” but I hug and kiss her. Like that time I not only sent flowers, but I reached my love in the office asking her forgiveness in front of all her colleagues and bringing her a very colorful bouquet of flowers. She started crying we hugged and kissed. The person who next to me you don’t have to worry about anything, I’d do anything to make you happy. I look like someone who lives in the clouds, but that’s not the case: I’m there when needed. If I’m on the other side of the world and I don’t have sleep, I’ll solve it anyway, who stay with me you don’t have to worry about anything, I solve everything, every problem, I feel strong”

The 72-year-old originally from Novara also spoke about the most difficult moment of his life and how he managed to be reborn:

“The worst moment of my life was when, after my eldest daughter’s phone call, I discovered that my ex-wife was dying in the hospital. Total despair. I slept for fifteen days in my daughter’s cot, to make the two girls stay together in the big bed. I pushed my daughters to go out with friends and I was destroyed at home. How did I get out of it… of course, because I had a service company; I recovered some staff and jobs to do, I started going to the gym again, I fixed the house and raised my finances. And then I took over the management of this beautiful restaurant outside Novara. I redid everything from scratch, and it was an incredible boom. Even if we were separated ,the biggest push in the family had always been my wife, she was protective, my muse. If there is something good in me I owe it to her: after her death I was desperate, but I grew and matured and I had to take all my responsibilities.”

Speaking again of the Turin lady, the knight concluded:

“Gemma and I have had two completely different lives; for example, I am someone who has always skipped the cultural part of traveling, but now I would like to approach a path of knowledge that I have neglected and Gemma holds dear. I have always had a life let’s say “my way”, but I want to try to get closer to her”

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