Big Brother Vip, Antonella’s mother writes to Pier Silvio Berlusconi: “I’m worried about my daughter’s health”

The long outburst of Antonella Fiordalisi’s mother after the last episode of Gf Vip.

The mother of Antonella Fiordelisi, wrote little writes a long letter directly to the CEO of Mediaset, Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

Gf Vip, Antonella’s mother speaks: “These continuous attacks have led to a truly disproportionate social hatred towards my daughter”

Concerned about the Daughterthe mother made a heartfelt appeal in which she prays to be able to intervene:

“Dear Pier Silvio, I am a mother worried about the psycho-physical health of her daughter, who entered the GFVip house on 19 September as a fencer and model. binary, intervention due, so I read, to the rather vulgar drift towards which the same program was heading. Having said that, I would like to point out that this year’s GF Vip was characterized, in addition to vulgarity, also and above all cruelty, and by cruelty I mean not only the absolute lack of empathy among the competitors which often led to demonstrations of derision and ridicule (do we want to call it bullying?) also towards my daughter, but above all to the cruelty shown by the perpetrators (including the conductor ) in making a 24-year-old girl feel wrong that almost every episode ended in tears (video manent as my daughter would say). Do you think that my daughter Antonella, unfortunately not very accustomed to profanity, she has been accused of excessive protagonism (as if it were a sacrilege in a reality show) and even of being, with words, a great provocateur (I think that if she had provoked in another way the authors would have liked her more… ). Just think that between someone who, by his own admission, disconnected the environmental microphones for days (strange that such careful authors didn’t notice it…) and someone else who constantly said bad words, whoever was vehemently attacked at each episode was my daughter, she was the bad one, the others were, they were vulgar, they broke the rules, but after all they were so nice…”

“These continuous attacks have led, as a consequence, to a truly disproportionate social hatred towards my daughter; some important pages and Instagram profiles, so-called big accounts, behind which there are certainly unscrupulous characters, only saw the speck in the eye of my daughter but not the beam of the others, these profiles still incite hatred (so much so that there are also death threats among the comments), in short, the obsession of these big accounts with Antonella is still so obvious that even Sonia Bruganelli (the only poppy in a wheat field) intervened to point out that the obsession with Antonella is really excessive. At each episode, therefore, my daughter was mortified for her provocative attitude towards the other competitors (I repeat only in words, never aggressive and without some bad words), while for someone who said bad words, however, the conductor reserved a smile and a word cca on the shoulders, overshadowing even the 78 complaints of racism and xenophobia (and who are we not to give a second chance to those who have been kicked out of other reality shows?). And what a disappointment then when you see a columnist, this time Berti, attack my daughter without a minimum of argument, repeating like a mantra that she is arrogant, who boasts of having one million followers (?) and reaching the pinnacle of his angry frustration (because that’s the only way it can be defined) just last night, when he allows himself to say to her: “earn your loaf with respect…as I did….” almost as if to insinuate something…which obviously will explain in the appropriate forums.”

“Furthermore, instead of admonishing Berti, what does the good conductor do? With a smile he turns to Antonella: “Someone skinned you alive” and my daughter replies: “I don’t know, actually I hope no one ever does it” Well, dear Pier Silvio, I think that last night we witnessed a really bad page of television and in an attempt to straighten out the program, a girl who has always been polite (Patrizia Rossetti, Gnocchi and many others only speaks well of her) is being attacked standing and composed in the studio, she has to sip in disbelief all the poison Berti spit out with such ferocity and vehemence (please watch yesterday’s episode) that they have rarely seen on TV.”

“And then, always the same columnist, by her own admission, loves the multiple-reported and profanity addicted for the mere fact that her name begins with an O… we’ve really reached rock bottom… Even more amazed, however, she leaves me the behavior of the conductor (who has nothing hysterical about it) when he invited my daughter, a few episodes ago, to leave the program as a victim of psychological violence/bullying (as the joke played by Tavassi in front of her would call it while the others in the group Are they laughing? The scene in the garden is still on social media!) Well, among other things, the conductor said to my daughter: “If you think there is bullying against you, don’t stay there …. If you feel bad, quit the game.”, without recall anyone of the “pack”, by passing the message, as also written by some attentive journalist, that it is the bullied who has to change school, not the bully … Having said that, I can’t explain all this hatred and hatred towards my daughter, from almost six months, almost a sort of revenge…but that’s another story I’ll tell once my daughter leaves that house….”

“And seeing my daughter, after yesterday’s episode, asking the fans to leave (evidently they told her that if she leaves the game of her own free will she must pay a large penalty), led me, as a mother, to make an appeal to her fans for not saving her on Monday’s televoting At this moment (1.20 pm on 03/17/2023) my daughter is still crying reminding Milena of the humiliation suffered by Berti yesterday in the studio…she realizes the gravity of the ways and things said?Going back to the point, therefore, and surely condemning everything that is vulgar, do you see how the cruelty of the human being, which is expressed in ridicule and derision, but also in unjustified attacks, can be even more base and dangerous than a simple dirty word? For my daughter’s psycho-physical health I hope she goes out on Monday, otherwise I want to believe and hope that she won’t be kept in the house despite crying every day since she was left alone (together with Nikita) against everyone.. . A worried mother”

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