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A place in the sun today’s episode

What happens in the next episode of A Place in the Sun in onda Friday 17 March 2023? It concludes the week Of programming for the Italian soap opera scheduled by March 13-17, 2023 premiered on Rai 3.

After what was seen in the previous episodes, during the new week of A Place in the Sun we watch the episodes 61516152, 6153, 6154 e 6155. So what to expect since the last appointment With the’episode number 6155?

Find out all the details on the new episodes of below A Place in the Sun aired in absolute premiere on Rai 3 at the new time of ore 20:50 circa.

Previews Un Posto al Sole of 17 March 2023

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In the next installment of A Place in the Sun in onda Friday 17 March 2023 we witness the new proposal by Alberto (Maurizio Aiello) a Silvia (Luisa Amatucci). In fact, the lawyer met the architect who will start the work in his studio who made him turn on a light bulb. Twist when Otello (Lucio Allocca) amazes everyone with his surprise return to Naples. Luckily, to help him overcome the sadness, he will think about it Guido (Germano Bellavia) with his contagious joy. Also Silvia she will be able to count on the presence and affection of someone who loves her very much: Michele (Alberto Rossi). At the same time, the presence of Giancarlo (Alessandro D’Ambrosi) now seems to be a distant memory.

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