TV Guide: Programs and Series to watch on television on the evening of Thursday 16 March

Here’s what to see on TV tonight Thursday 16 March 2023, with our TV Guide choose the Best Programmes, Series and Fictions to watch in prime and late evening on Rai, Mediaset and on all the main free-to-air TV channels free.

What’s on TV Tonight? Here’s ours TV Guide complete with i Programs of entertainment and insight, the Fiction not TV series to watch tonight, Thursday 16 March 2023in prime time on all the main free-to-air TV channels, Rai, Mediaset but not only.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a good film for your evening on TV we refer you to our guide of Movies to see Thursday 16 March, in prime time and late evening

Tonight on TV: The Programs in prime time, Thursday 16 March 2023

  • Gorgeous settingGeppi Cucciari and his guests tell us about today’s world with irony and lightness through books, films, social media, television and art, broadcast from 21.20 on Rai 3
  • Straight and reverseJournalistic in-depth program conducted by conducted by Paolo Del Debbio, on air from 21.20 on Rete 4
  • VIP Big Brotherthe reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, on air from 21.20 on Canale 5
  • A clean sweepThe political analysis program with guests in the studio and in connection conducted by Corrado Formigli, on air from 9.15 pm on La7
  • Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotelin onda from 21.30 on TV8
  • Opera: Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, on air from 21.15 on Rai5
  • Women without taboos(docu-reality), in onda from 21.20 on Real Time
  • Gold pioneers (docu-reality), in onda from 21.25 on DMAX
  • Seen from the sky – Mysteries of this world (documentary series), on air from 21.15 on Focus
  • The True Story of the Knights Templar (documentary series), on air from 21.10 on Rai Storia

TV Series and Fiction aired tonight

  • God help us 7in onda from 21.25 on Rai 1
  • Hawaii Five-0in onda from 21.20 on Rai 4
  • Atlantic crossingin onda from 21.20 on Rai Premium
  • Rosewoodin onda from 21.10 on Yellow
  • Hamburg District 21 in onda from 21.10 on Top Crime

The editorial team is not responsible for any changes in the schedule not communicated by the TV networks

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