Amici 22, Alessandra Celentano guest of Tonight is Cattelan: the words on the nutmeg case and the school kids

Teacher Celentano’s confession on New Year’s Eve Gate to Amici 22.

The first episode of the Amici evening will be broadcast on Saturday 18 March 2023 in prime time on Canale 5. While waiting, the teacher Alessandra Celentano is back to talking about Nutmeg Gate and ofevolution of the boys of Maria De Filippi’s talent show a Cattelan is here tonight.

Alessandra Celentano’s confession on the New Year’s Eve Gate to Amici

Alessandra Celentano was guest of the last episode of Tonight is Cattelan. During the interview, Alessandro Cattelan took the opportunity to know what really happened on new year’s eve in the school of Amici. For the uninitiated, the conductor was the external judge of the singing competition in the very episode in which the famous Nutmeg Gate:

This year I came as a guest to Amici and happened upon the famous Nutmeg episode. Yes the nutmeg gate. You never said what really happened. It is understood that these guys have combined a bit ‘a big one. But it was never known in detail. I was in the studio for ten minutes and then for two weeks in a row everyone asked me what had happened to Amici. I said ‘guys I’ve only been there for five minutes’. This has been a topic that has been discussed a lot. Come on, just tell me in my ear that I want to know…

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Cattelan he tried to extort a few more details about the New Year’s Gatema la Celentano teacher preferred to change the subject and, as reported by Biccy, talk about theevolution of Amici’s boys over the years:

I’m dissembling. I make fun of coughing because it’s a horrible thing (…) If the competitors of the old editions of Amici were more naive in a good way? In my opinion it is somewhat inevitable that they are different. Because today’s kids grow up with a program like Amici, they’ve been following it since they were really young. So they also learn things and see and evolve too. There has certainly been an evolution of the program and of the kids. The nice thing is that it’s never stale, it’s always different. This for them and also for us that everything becomes more stimulating. If they accept criticism well? Oh my God criticisms are hard to accept, but they touch you.

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