Sweet Tooth has wrapped filming for season 2. New episodes arrive on Netflix in 2023

Sweet Tooth 2 will be there

Yes it will Sweet Tooth 2. The confirmation on the future of the series produced by Robert Downey Junior is still in the day of Thursday 29 July 2021 by Netflix. Inspired by the comic Jeff Lemire published by Vertigo in the USA, Sweet Tooth tells the adventures of a half-man, half-deer boy in a post-apocalyptic world where human survival has been challenged.

Being a title with a certain pedigreefrom Robert Downey Junior to the production to the acclaimed comic on which it is based, it was clear from the beginning that Sweet Tooth had a good chance of being reappointed. Having said that, series awaited and appreciated by the public such as I Am Not Okay With This e The Baker Street Irregulars they seemed practically renewed on paper, only to be canceled amid fan protests.

When does Sweet Tooth 2 come out?

Now that we know there will be a second season, how long will we have to wait to see it? Let’s do some math. The first take for the second season Sweet Tooth it was beaten in January 2022 in New Zealand, where the production was given the green light to shoot already for the first season despite the limitations imposed to the television and film industry. Filming wrapped in June 2022allocating the post-production, editing and marketing work to the following months.

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Having to take into account about a year between the opening of the set and the debut of the series, therefore excluding the times of casting, writing of the series and construction of the sets, we can hypothesize that Sweet Tooth 2 may arrive on Netflix, as soon as possible, during the first half of 2023. Post-production is expected to be in its final stages, so our predictions may turn out to be accurate.

Plot of Sweet Tooth 2, sneak peeks

A newborn hybrid in a scene from “Sweet Tooth”.  Credits: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix.
A newborn hybrid in a scene from “Sweet Tooth”. Credits: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix.

What is it about Sweet Tooth? The series is set ten years after a cataclysmic event that upended the world.

The “Great Collapse” has thrown the world into chaos and given birth to mysterious beings who are half man and half animal. Not knowing whether these hybrids are the cause or the result of the virus, many people fear and hunt them down. After living ten years in a remote wood, Gus (Christian Convery), half deer and half child, befriends the loner Yepperd (Nonso Anozie).

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The two set off on an extraordinary adventure across what is left of America, searching for answers about Gus’s origins, Jepperd’s past and the true meaning of the word home. But their story is filled with unexpected allies and enemies, as Gus learns that the rich and dangerous world beyond the woods is far more complex than imagined.

How does the first season end? Who Full explanation, watch out for spoilers.

Now that the confirmation has arrived that there will be a second season, there is certainly no shortage of material to draw from. The DC comic saga written by Jeff Lemire which the TV series is inspired by is composed of 40 albums collected in six volumes published between 2009 and 2013. Starting from November of last year the miniseries “The Return”, sequel that returns to tell the story of Gus.

Cast di Sweet Tooth 2

Da sinistra: Christian Convery (Gus) e Christian Tessier (Meatballs) in una scena di Sweet Tooth. Credits: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix.
Da sinistra: Christian Convery (Gus) e Christian Tessier (Meatballs) in una scena di Sweet Tooth. Credits: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix.

In the cast of the second season we expect to see again Christian Convery as the protagonist Gus. Alongside him we count on the presence of Nonso Anozie (Tommy Jepperd), Adeel Akhtar (dottor Aditya Singh), Will Forte (Gus’ father), Dania Ramirez (Aimee), Stefania LaVie Owen (Bear), Aliza Vellani (Rani Singh) and finally Mia Artemis (Tiger). James Brolin lends the narrative voice in the original version.

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Star Murray (The Undoing) – interpreter of Wendy – , Neil Sandilands (The Flash) – who lends his face to General Abbot – and Marlon Williams (A Star Is Born) as Johnny Abbot were promoted to the main cast. Christopher Sean Cooper Jr. (Circle Of Sisters Expo) and Yonas Kibreab (Blood Moon) join the main cast as Teddy Turtle and Finn Fox.

Episodi di Sweet Tooth 2

We expect another eight episodes. Jim Mickle is executive producer, writer, director and showrunner of the second season. In addition to Mickle, Team Downey’s Susan Downey, Robert Downey Jr. and Amanda Burrell and Linda Moran will return as executive producers. Team Downey’s Evan Moore returns as producer. Oanh Ly (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) joins them as an executive producer for the second season. Sweet Tooth is produced by Team Downey in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Sweet Tooth 2 trailer, does it already exist?

Since the second season hasn’t been filmed yet, some new episodes (if any) there is no trailer yet. A first teaser could debut two months after the debut of the second season. In the meantime, here’s the official preview of the second season of Sweet Tooth:

Sweet Tooth 2 in streaming

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In streaming, the second season will once again be distributed exclusively by Netflix. The streaming giant is the client and distributor of the series, making it available in over 190 countries where the service is active.

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