Who is Antonio Milo actor: age, career, private life

Who is Antonio Milo, Maione in Commissario Ricciardi?

Who is Antonio Milothe actor he plays Mayonnaise in fiction Commissioner Ricciardi aired on Rai 1? The television series in question is led by Pillow linen and is based on the novels of the same name Maurice DeGiovanni. The actor plays Raffaele Maione, the sergeant who supports Ricciardi in the investigations. He presents himself as a gentle giant, with an honest soul, and is one of the stable presences in the commissioner’s life together with Dr. Modo. But what do we know about private life at Antonio Milo?

Antonio Milo age

Let’s start for example from age. How old is Antonio Milo? The actor of Il Commissario Ricciardi was born in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples) on May 4, 1968, for this reason in 2023 he turns 55 years old.

Antonio Milo movies and TV series

From the career by Antonio Milo we know that he acted a lot a theater e cinemabut has paid more attention to the television. It is precisely on the small screen that she made her debut The team in 2000, after which he appeared in the cast of Police District, Seafarers, Secret Hunt, Inspector Montalbano, Gomorrah – The Series, One Step From Heaven, Undercover, I Don’t Give Up e Ladies paradise (until season 2). And again she starred in Don Matteo, My Brilliant Friend and more recently in Commissioner Ricciardi e remain with me.

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Commissioner Ricciardi Antonio Milo As Maione Here In The Fifth Episode Credits Anna Camerlingo And Rai
Commissioner Ricciardi Antonio Milo As Maione Here In The Fifth Episode Credits Anna Camerlingo And Rai

In the cinema, however, Antonio Milo appeared the film as The knights who made the feat, Without a filter, Welcome President, Nottetempo, Come and live in Naples, Welcome back president, The De Filippo brothers e Rosanero.

Antonio Milo wife

Now that we’ve uncovered more details about his career, let’s move on to the private life. What do we know about his personal sphere? Antonio Milo is married, has one wife? Unfortunately we can’t be of help to you on this aspect, because we don’t know anything about her sentimental sphere. The actor hasn’t disclosed information about his private life, so we don’t know what his relationship status is at the moment.

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