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Oscar 2023, All Quiet on the Western Front, four awards for a different war film

Oscar 2023, All Quiet on the Western Front, four awards for a different war film

With its four Oscars 2023, All Quiet on the Western Front is in a tight club: few foreign films have won so many statuettes. German director Edward Berger explains the spirit in which this new adaptation of the famous novel was made.

Nove nomination, four Academy Awards 2023 take you home: the german film Nothing new on the western frontdirected by Edward Berger, may not have caused discussion how Everything Everywhere All at Oncebut belongs to the restricted club of foreign films to have won more statuettes in the other categories. In addition to winning theOscar come best international filmtook home the statuettes for best musics (Volker Bertelmann), best photography (James Friend) e best scenography (Christian M. Goldbeck, Ernestine Hipper). In the press room, the director explained where the idea of ​​adapting the famous novel again comes from.

All Quiet on the Western Front, four Oscars 2023 for a different war film

Fanny and Alexander, The tiger and the dragon e Parasite: with these three feature films Nothing new on the western frontoriginal German with license plate Netflixnew adaptation of novel by Erich Maria Remarqueshares well four Academy Awards given to a foreign film, or as they have been saying for some time “international”. Director Edward Bergercurrently working on Conclave (starring Ralph Fiennes, Stanley Tucci e John Lithgow John Lithgow), explained in the press room what it was spirit who animated the beginning of work on this great production… and which one meaning took on the film against his will, after the outbreak of war on European soil over a year ago.

We tried to make a movie about our paston ours liability in Germany towards our story. We had the urgency to talk about ours guiltours shame for terror that we caused in the two world wars. And as we were finishing the film, we found ourselves talking about the present. A new terror has erupted, we didn’t think it would happen again in Europe. The book itself, if we read it again, says: “There will come a time when we will stop making the same mistakes again“.

With this in mind, a war film like Nothing new on the western front it can’t taste like the world war movies we’re used to. Berger is aware of this, and clearly highlights the basic difference between a work like his and a Save Private Ryan.

Every time I watch American or British war movies, I love them but I notice that they are told from a very different perspective, they are allowed to have the prospect of victory. They are allowed to show pride and honor for what America did in the war, because it liberated Europe from fascism in WW2, and was drawn into WW1 even though it resisted. She had no choice, in a way. It stands to reason that those films look very different, and I thought how interesting it would be to show a German film that can’t have heroes, in which every death is just another life lost. There is no hero in the end, no one can survive. Because we all know what happened in the story, every creative decision we made on the film we made with a sense of responsibility and also guilt. This makes it very different from an American or English film, and I thought it was a feeling worthy of being shared.

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