Stuck 2: the meaning of the ending of the Ficarra and Picone Netflix series

Let’s go over the ending of Incastrati 2, which closes the first series of Ficarra & Picone on Netflix, and the meaning that the two authors wanted to give it.

Stuck 2: the meaning of the ending of the Ficarra and Picone Netflix series

Still in the Top Ten on Netflix, Get stuck closed its two-season run, originally intended, on the platform. A happy ending general, if you like, for all the characters, first for the protagonists Salvo and Valentino, played by the duo Ficarra & Picone who also wrote and directed the series. A product that plays a lot with itself and with its own characteristics in a self-deprecating way, in the by now historic style (30-year career this year) of the Sicilian duo. In fact, Sicily is the real protagonist of this mafia comedy of its own kind, which in the epilogue wanted to pay homage to the relentless fight against the underworld of policemen and honest citizens who do not let themselves be bent and corrupted by greed and by settling down in a criminal system. Let’s retrace the events of the finale together to better understand the message that Get stuck wanted to convey.

Meta-television happy ending

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Stuck 2: a scene from the series

All the knots come home to roost in the stranded 2 ending, which is also the finale of the series itself. Deputy Chief Lo Russo (Filippo Luna) admits that he was the mole who worked for Padre Santissimo (Maurizio Marchetti), or rather that when he discovered that Gambino (Sasà Salvaggio) was stealing money from his accounts, he began to blackmail the deceased. Unfortunately the man accidentally saw him during an exchange, not knowing that he was a policeman, and therefore risked being discovered with Agata (Marianna Di Martino) who had arrived from Milan to make the man an appeal from the police. At that point she chooses to kill him and steal the money he in turn stole from him, framing Salvo (Ficarra) and Valentino (Picone) with a phone call, knowing that Ester (Anna Favella) was Gambino’s lover. But Salvo and Valentino ruin all his plans when they choose not to call the police and try to cover their tracks, due to Salvo’s fixation with crime series.

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Stuck 2: a moment of the series

At the same time it is Padre Santissimo who gives an ultimatum to the police and the prosecutor Nicolosi (Leo Gullotta), because within two hours he will have to receive the stolen money otherwise Agata and Valentino’s mother and Ester (Mary Cipolla) will end up badly. However, the “Padre Inutilissimo” operation is successful and all the couples (even Signora Antonietta and her suitor) have a happy ending, including little Robertino who learns to appreciate the sweetness of Valentino and the common passion for crime series with Salvo, Cosa Inutile (Tony Sperandeo) who takes his revenge against Padre Santissimo and the good Sergione (Sergio Friscia), who claims the sacredness of good journalism less sensationalist than Bellomo. Ficarra & Picone couldn’t stop playing with themselves and with the new serial tools at their disposal and the very last scene features Inspector Jackson from the fictitious Netflix series The Touch of the Killerof which we have seen the prequel in this second season The Look of the Killer. The policeman watches on the television in the office at the station Stuck while they call him in the other room about a case. An increasingly meta-television metaas if all the time the series we have witnessed as spectators had been the invented one and not the retro one starring Jackson.

Stuck 2, the review: closes the Ficarra & Picone series that jokes about crime and the mafia

Fight against the mafia, lest we forget

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Stuck 2: Ficarra and Picone in one scene

Before the final police operation, joined by Crisafulli exonerated following the confession of Lo Russo, the prosecutor played by Leo Gullotta makes a heartfelt and profound speech on the fight against the mafia, on how we must not surrender to the system and above all not to forget the victims that organized crime has reaped even before we were born – the message that Ficarra & Picone wanted to carry forward with their first serial product , as stated at the press conference. The importance of remembering the victims of the mafia. The whole is dedicated to them final sequence, with white sheets on the balconies and people applauding the police passing through the streets with cars that have captured the criminals. Thanks to the direction that shows the crowd from above supporting the Law and the emphatic soundtrack, it is a moment that wants to summarize the greatness of the Belpaese which does not translate just into the mafia, especially in the south. A speech that quotes the words of Paolo Borsellino to Giovanni Falcone, two of the best known victims.

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Stuck 2: an image from the series

But who is he? Girolamo, the friend mentioned by Nicolosi, in memory and by virtue of whom he carries out his work every day and is particularly satisfied with having arrested Father Santissimo? The most probable hypothesis – thanks to a photo that can be glimpsed – is the reference to the murder of Girolamo Tartaglione, a magistrate killed by an armed nucleus of the Red Brigades during the years of lead (in 1978 in Rome). But it could also be a reference to Girolamo Scaccia, a farmer killed by the Cosa Nostra in the Alia massacre in 1946 or Girolamo Marino known as “Gino”, head of surgery at the Locri hospital, innocent victim of the ‘Ndrangheta. A confirmation of the quotes from news stories, films and television serials that, between direction and screenplay, the increasingly consolidated comic duo has disseminated throughout the series. Not to forget.

Incastrati 2, Ficarra & Picone: “Streaming does not keep people away from the room”

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