Big Brother Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi: “Edoardo talks to my family because we’re going to live together”

Antonella Fiordelisi irrepressible: her love for Edoardo and the important projects she has announced she wants to do as soon as she leaves the Casa del Gf Vip.

The departure of Edoardo Donnamaria after more than 100 days of stay at Gf Vipleft everyone surprised and Antonella Fiordalisi at first tearful and particularly melancholy.

Gf Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi “Edoardo a story was born among the truest and most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced!”

The young Roman, less than 24 hours after disqualification, has reached Antonella outside the House, addressing her words that immediately warmed the heart of the Roman influencer.

“Antonella I miss you”, Has screamed Donna Maria and then add:Antonella drove me crazy, but I miss you”. Antonellaalmost in tears she was moved and then cried out all her love and shortly after, turning to him, she said:

“Thanks love, thanks for everything. It was the best surprise in six months for how I was, I miss you so much. You’re crazy anyway, like me. Because of you I can’t even sleep, I know the public loves you, he appreciated you and didn’t focus only on those things, I hope so. They were warm, isn’t it true with you? You have a very strong character, you are beautiful, even if you have two hairs on your head, as you say, instead you are beautiful. If a sometimes you felt wrong i’m sorry you never were i always had eyes for you i was wrong maybe initially to make you feel bad about those things i did while you were courting me and i’m sorry but you have a crazy brain besides be beautiful, even if you never like it, you are beautiful.”

But that’s not all, because Antonella invited Edward to talk to her family about their future cohabitation, an important step she decided to take with him:

“Start talking to my family, to organize for where to go to live. Start talking to mom and dad. Thank you that you came to yell at me. How long is this day without you, it felt like a week. I love you I don’t know how it’s possible that a story like this was born in here, it’s one of the truest and most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced!”

“I can’t take it, we said goodbye like this, I don’t feel it and I don’t see it. I feel like a child crying like this and I can’t stop. Her forehead is the most beautiful thing she has, her eyes and hair are also beautiful at the touch.”

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