Un Posto al Sole Previews: Viola is in love with Damiano, will she confess everything to Eugenio?

The previews of Un Posto al Sole reveal to us that Viola is increasingly involved with Damiano and seems more determined than ever to reveal everything to Eugenio. Let’s see together what will happen in the episodes of the Rai 3 Soap.

The Advances Of A Place in the Sun they reveal to us that Viola Bruni he will finally realize his feelings for Damianothe former agent who was assigned to her as an escort, and this awareness will prompt her to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Eugenio.

A place in the sun Previews: Damiano injured, Viola is worried about him…

The Advances of the Soap’s Rai 3 they revealed that Damiano Renda will be injured during a criminal raid. His condition will be very worrying Viola and the Bruni she’ll realize that what she feels for the cop is more than just infatuation, it’s something much deeper. Viola she will thus realize that she is truly in love with Damiano and this realization will put her in turmoil, because the sweet teacher didn’t think in the slightest of being able to fall in love, after the great love she felt for Eugene Nicotera, her husband and father of her child, from whom she made the decision to separate because of his very dangerous job. In fact, the two are living separately, but the situation between them has never been fully clarified and perhaps this new awareness of Bruni could finally lead her to make a final decision…

Un posto al sole Previews: Viola will reveal the truth to Eugenio

The Bruni he realized he has a strong feeling for Damiano Renda and following the shooting in which the agent was involved, he realized he could no longer hide this truth. Viola so he will decide to deal with Eugenio, from which she walked away following her involvement in the Lello Valsano case. Already, Eugenio has repeatedly urged the Bruni to be honest with him, because he is aware that his wife has distanced herself even in her heart from him. However, certainly. Nicotera you don’t imagine that Viola she would like to reveal to him that she has fallen in love with another man and, moreover, with her agent Damiano! Finding out the truth could also push you Eugenio has give to Bruni an ultimatum, pushing her to make a final decision to get out of this involuntary triangle.

A place in the sun Previews: Eugenio and Viola compared: is there another woman in the magistrate’s life?

From the latest Advanceswe have seen Eugenio get very close to your colleague Lucia Cimino, the prosecutor with whom he dealt with and who collaborated in the Valsano case. Given that Viola she will reveal her feelings for him Damiano, Nicotera in turn, he could reveal to her that he has approached the Cimino. If something like this really happened, how would Viola react?? The Bruni she walked away from her husband not for lack of love, but because of her job and feelings for Damiano they are strong, but also relatively recently born. Self Eugenio expressed interest in the Cimino, Viola she could feel jealousy and maybe reconsider her feelings for the two men in her life.

A Place in the Sun it’s going to happen every day from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 at 20.50.

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