Big Brother Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria screams out of the House in the middle of the night, Antonella’s reaction

Edoardo Donnamaria, after the disqualification, reached the Casa del Gf Vip in the night to be able to speak with Antonella.

Edoardo Donnamariaafter disqualification adventure during the 40th episode of Gf Vipreached Cinecittà to be able to speak with Antonella.

Gf Vip, in the night, Edoardo Donnamaria reaches Antonella Fiordelisi in Cinecittà

In the night, the gieffieni recognized the voice of the young Roman who shouted into a megaphone: “Antonella I miss you”. They were in the garden Onestini, Micol, Oriana and Giaele who immediately went to warn the bell influencer who once she came out, she heard again Edward scream: “Antonella drove me crazy, but I miss you”.

The Cornflowers in tears he replied: “Edward I love you” and the other Vipponi greeted him to applause. Antonella she has shown herself to be very tried in these hours and has confessed several times that she misses Donna Maria and that I can’t live in the House without him. The face of Forum, a few hours after the farewell to Gf Vipimmediately stated that he was waiting for her outside and was rooting for her and had too announced that he wanted to speak to her with a megaphone and did it the same night.

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