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Amici 22, Angelina Mango and the moving thought for her mother: “She did everything for love. Then she lost everything”

Amici 22, Angelina Mango and the moving thought for her mother: "She did everything for love. Then she lost everything"

To Amici, Angelina Mango is one of the most talented singers: daughter of the singer-songwriter Mango, the student revealed how her mother is today almost ten years after her husband’s death, dedicating a sweet and moving eulogy to her. Let’s see what she said.

Angelina Mango she entered to Amici halfway through, but within a very short time he conquered the hearts of teachers, students and the public not only thanks to his splendid voice, but also to a mature attitude full of empathy and understanding towards others. In recent times, for example, she and Wax they have become very good friends and it is also thanks to his influence that the singer seems to have decided to settle down and commit himself.

Amici 22, Angelina Mango and her mother’s pain for the loss of her husband

Angelina she is the daughter of art, in fact, she is the second daughter of the singer-songwriter Mango and the singer of Matia Bazar, Laura Valente. The young singer spoke about her mother in one of the latest talent show daytimes Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi. During one of the brainstorming sessions, the students of Amici they answered some questions sponsored by Tim and among these they were asked to say who is the woman they admire most in the world.

Predictably, many replied that it was their mother and also Angelina has revealed that for her it is so and has revealed why:

“The person, not the woman I respect most of all is my mom. Because she taught me that the best choices you can make are the ones you make for love. She actually did everything for love, all the decisions she made were taken for love: she built a family for love, she quit her job for love, she gave up music for love. Then she lost everything though. She built her life one way for 30 years and it was took it all away when my dad died. And she took and out of love she stayed alive. I don’t know how to say it, but out of love she carried on for my brother and me. So, I can’t help but esteem my mom more than anyone else in the world. world. What he has done is just wonderful”

Laura Valente e Mango they met in 1984 and have always been together ever since, expanding their family with the birth of two children, Filippo and Angelina and getting married in 2004. Unfortunately, the singer-songwriter passed away, struck down by a strong illness while performing in concert.

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