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A place in the sun today’s episode

What happens in the next episode of A Place in the Sun in onda Monday 13 March 2023? The new one is on the way week Of programming for the Italian soap opera also aired since March 13-17, 2023 premiered on Rai 3.

After what was seen in the previous episodes, during the new week of A Place in the Sun we watch the episodes 61516152, 6153, 6154 e 6155. So what to expect from the first date With the’episode number 6151?

Find out all the details on the new episodes of below A Place in the Sun aired in absolute premiere on Rai 3 at the new time of ore 20:50 circa.

Previews Un Posto al Sole of 13 March 2023

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In the next installment of A Place in the Sun in onda Monday 13 March 2023 we find ours Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin) grappling with new feelings of guilt towards Damiano (Louis Honey). In fact, the boy was seriously injured during a criminal raid.

At this point the mere idea of ​​losing him sends Viola into a panic, pushing her towards a surprising and truly unexpected decision.

At the same time, Angela (Claudia Ruffo) e Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri) have the opportunity to get to know her better Rosa (Daniela Ioia), thus discovering the reasons that often led her to assume somewhat aggressive attitudes towards them. In fact, her life was not easy at all. In the meantime, Lara’s attempts to get closer and closer to Ferri through “their son” continue. How will Marina take it this time?

Review A Place in the Sun

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