The Witcher – For the showrunner, Henry Cavill “was very petulant”

The role of Henry Cavill come Geralt in Rivia in The Witcher was critically acclaimed, and gamers alike appreciated the actor’s performance, who adapted to the role by bringing out the depth and complexity of the character.
It came as a shock to fans when it was announced that the actor would not be returning to the series and that Liam Hemsworth it would be the new one Geralt in Rivia. It came as a shock because the actor of Enola Holmes he played the role flawlessly.
Due to his dedication to the roles he plays on a regular basis, many directors enjoy working with the actor. But apparently Henry Cavill didn’t want to take the risk of missing out on the role in The Witcher.

According to The Witcher showrunner, the lead actor was annoying and petulant

By now it is known that the actor Henry Cavill I’m a big fan of video games. When the video game adaptation of the television series by The Witcher by the Netflix streaming platform, the actor would have pestered his agents to arrange a meeting with the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to lobby for the role of Geralt in Rivia. However, the director refused to meet with the actor’s agents because she still had to write the screenplay for the TV series.

Despite this, the actor would continue to push his agents for a meeting and, after repeated attempts, the author of the program would agree to sit down for a meeting because “it was really annoying“, reporting to the actor that he had yet to write the show’s script.

In the following months the Hissrich he wrote the script for the show and auditioned as many as 206 actors for the lead role. As she continued to work on the script, she realized that Henry Cavill he was the right man for the role because he knew the source material well. During an interview with Vulture, the actor confirmed that he had urged his agents to get him the role because he did not intend to miss the opportunity to participate in the series.

It is evident that Cavill he devoted himself immensely to the role, as he trained extensively to get the necessary physique. The actor even worked on his sword fighting prowess instead of using a stunt double for the fight scenes.
There are currently rumors that the star is set to star in a new Prime Video television series, on Warhammer.

There was an attempt to make a movie about the popular game series in 2015 when it had peaked in popularity. There were plans for a number of films and television series based on the video games. However, nothing was accomplished after that, but the rumors continued to exist. If done correctly, the film and tv series would have been a huge success as The Last of Us of HBO currently.

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