The Creed-Verse is reality: Michael B. Jordan is in talks with Amazon to develop the project

As announced, Michael B. Jordan intends to develop the Creed franchise, giving life to a real Creed-Verse. Currently, the actor is in talks with Amazon to develop the project.

Michael B. Jordan had expressed his intention to transform the franchise of Creedof which he is the protagonist – and director for the third chapter Creed III recently arrived at the cinema – in a real Creed-Verse. And, it seems that his words have been heard and that negotiations are underway to make his project concrete.

Michael B. Jordan and Amazon in talks: the Creed-Verse is reality!

Deadline reported the news that Michael B. Jordan it would be in talks with Amazon: in fact, the site’s sources say, there have been several meetings with the stat of the franchise on Adonis Creed. And the project of Amazon is to bring to light an entire universe, made up of films and TV series. In addition to an animated series connected to the Rocky spinoff, there are several live-action projects in the pipeline and a potential film about Adonis Creed’s daughter, Amara, played in Creed III by the deaf actress Mila Davis Kent.

A film about Ivan Drago and his son Viktor, adversaries of Rocky Balboa and Donnie Creed respectively, was also announced. Currently, the script for the film has been commissioned, but no further information has been disclosed. Given that Amazon acquired MGM a year ago, give birth to a whole Creed-Verse it would be a great test run for the company, as the main goal is to revive several products that have given prestige to MGM in the past, such as the game show 007 Road to a Milioninspired by the iconic James Bond and which was immediately approved as soon as the negotiations between MGM and Amazon they ended.

Creed III was celebrated by audiences and critics as a fine directorial debut for Michael B. Jordan and has already grossed several million dollars at the American box office (there is talk of at least 100 million). At the moment, the actor is determined to make a fourth film in the franchise and said he was enthusiastic about being able to further expand the universe born with Rocky Balboa and of which Donnie Creed is now the worthy heir.

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