Sharon Stone turns 65: we celebrate the last great Hollywood “diva” with her best films in streaming

Oscar-nominated for Casino, the star has worked with filmmakers of the caliber of Martin Scorsese, Sam Raimi and of course Paul Verhoeven. These are the streaming movies of her that we love.

If like us you lived most of the 90s inside a movie theater, Sharon Stone then most likely it also has a special place in your filmic imagination. The star who turns 65 today established herself thanks to strong roles, with a great erotic charge, often controversial but certainly never banal. In her best “season” Stone made films worthy of being remembered and worked together with top-level actors and directors. To prove it as usual our five film in streaming, worthy homage to the last truly great diva of a Hollywood that has now definitively passed away. Enjoy the reading.

Five streaming movies starring Sharon Stone

  • Act of force
  • Basic Instinct
  • Ready to die
  • Casino
  • Broken Flowers

Act of Force (1990)

In the role of the love object of Arnold Schwarzenegger Stone immediately stands out for its sensuality and stage presence. The fight sequence with the protagonist is iconic, one of the best moments of Act of Force. The first collaboration with Paul Verhoeven, taken from the genius of Philip K. Dick, produces a poisonous and amazing blockbuster, very violent in the author’s style and not at all conciliatory. Disturbing tricks, crazy special effects and great public success. One of the best science fiction films of the contemporary era. Great Michael Ironside as an antagonist. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Basic Instinct (1992)

Again Verhoeven gives Stone the role that rightfully launches her into the history of contemporary cinema. His Catherine Tramell is an iconic, bold and electrifying character. Impossible to ignore the dazzling protagonist of Basic Instinctthriller that sees a sordid Michael Douglas investigate the murders that involve her. Great public success, divided critics, announced scandal for an irreverent work as the best (but also the worst, in a good way) cinema of its author. Essential. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Quick to Die (1995)

One of the most underrated westerns of modern times. Because behind the “crazy” staging that was the trademark of at the time Sam Raimi hides a Greek tragedy that speaks of redemption, revenge, ghosts of the past and the weight of one’s status. Stone is great as a protagonist, but when you have as a support Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe e Leonardo DiCapriothe duel can become unequal. Ready to die it must be fully re-evaluated, as well as the total homage to Sergio Leone there are moments of great cinema, and a very powerful sense of ineluctability. Great movie. Available on CHILI, Google Play.

Casino (1995)

Oscar nomination for best actress for one of the most glittering films of the decade. Martin Scorsese makes an epic in the style of de Those good guys but with a more epic narrative and an expanded vision of the criminal universe of Las Vegas. Robert De Niro e Joe Pesci return to close the trio protagonist of Casino, saga-river that reaches the mind and heart of the public. Cinema of images, characters. borderline situations. Beautiful, even not among Scorsese’s best. At least in our opinion. But the Stone still shines with its own light. Available on NOW.

Broken Flowers (2005)

Once the spotlights of stardom are lowered, Stone allows herself a magnificent excursion into the most independent cinema thanks to the savory love of Jim Jarmuschwho wants her in the great cast of Broken Flowers. Bill Murray repentant womanizer begins a journey that also includes purgatory Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton and other big names. Caustic film, sly like the protagonist, very funny and bitter at the same time. Capital proof of all, without exception. To be seen with love and a sense of irony. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video.

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