Monday, February 26, 2024
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You has officially become a guilty pleasure

You è ufficialmente diventata guilty pleasure

If I think about the first time I came across You, it seems almost absurd to think that now in its 4th season, this Netflix production it’s gotten so much worse. The last season was in fact released in part from the platform about a month ago, leaving us to wait (not so painfully) for a few weeks before releasing the last and hopefully definitive episodes.

What is sad is that, as often happens, some productions at the beginning manage to obtain so much success that it is then difficult not to ride the wave to get some extra income. As we well know, Netflix is ​​the undisputed king in using this mechanism, which it expects the cancellation of very good series in favor of superfluous and unnecessary seasons that are economically profitable, just like You.

But where did you go Joe?

Penn Badgley (640×360)

What I had most appreciated in the first season was just the stalker point of view, played by a very good Penn Badgley (which I recommend you listen to at least once in the original language). Joe was presented to us as a very tormented person with a difficult past, absolutely inexcusable but capable of hitting those sides of our brain that want to satisfy the most embarrassing curiosities at all costs.

In this sense, the series, in its first episodes, had offered us precisely a window to see (for all intents and purposes), making us sometimes stalkers of the naive Beck, the victim of the first season.

Obviously the mechanism used in the plot was the same used by many other series (think of the more recent Dahmer) and therefore that of humanize and try to make us empathize with the unjustifiable and monstrous protagonist. The real problem with season 4, besides the fact that it feels like yet another unnecessary reboot of Gossip Girl, is that theJoe’s humanization went a little too far.

A before and after of You

You (640×360)

You could be divided into 3 segments, first season, second and third together and finally 4. Obviously, the fourth would be buried underground. While firmly convinced that this Netflix production should have stopped in the first season, I appreciated the attempt to carry the story forward in the next two.

Clearly the level of absurdity has been growing, but at least the story between Joe and Love (a very good Victoria Pedretti protagonist of The Haunting of Bly Manor) had kept us glued to the screen, leaving a slight consistency in characterization of the characters.

This coherence was totally lost in the 4th season, in which Joe magically becomes the victim of a perverse game played by unfortunate rich people who inexplicably want to involve him at all costs in their events.

But what is You 4 about?

Joe (640×360)

If any of you figured it out please enlighten us in the comments, because I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed one such a crazy plot. So what drives us to keep watching the series, other than the desire to finish it once and for all?

To answer the question, I think it is appropriate to give some examples and tell you about the concept of guilty pleasure. It is a mechanism that is triggered in our brain when we decide to watch a film or a television program with curiosity (think of Vite al Limite on Real Time or the Boss of Ceremonies) which we enjoy despite understanding that it is not generally held in great consideration, but that’s basic just unusual or strange.

Here, what prompted me to watch this whole season is just the absurdity and the turn that the events are taking.

You was original, now it’s a draft of another

Joe as Professor (640×360)

What used to be an original, interesting and innovative TV show has ended up becoming a bad copy of a conglomeration reminiscent of a low-budget crossbreed of Pretty Little Liars, Glass Onion and Gossip Girl.

The events change suddenly, as well as the escalation of absurd events, ranging from rifle chases to dead people without anyone asking the slightest problem, making what happens appear absolutely normal but not in an original enough way to be disturbing. In short, we are faced with a set of narrative choices that are too arranged even for a series like You.

What should we expect from the second part?

Joe e Love (640×360)

In short, if everything you saw in this first part seemed absurd to you, wait until you watch the missing episodes.

In fact, some indiscretions emerge from the trailer that suggest the route of the new episodes. There would in fact be an old familiar face returning. It’s about LoveJoe’s ex-wife whom he himself thought he had killed (and who in fact he killed and we saw it, but we also thought the same of John B.’s father in Outer Banks) and also framed by staging a perfect murder-suicide to cover up the truth. As seen in the trailer for You 4, parte 2 Joe and Love will meet again, we can only hope it’s a flashback or a dream.

In short, was this first part of season 4 a flop? Yes. Will we still watch it? Absolutely yes.