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Marie Antoinette, the myth of the French sovereign relives in the TV series from February 15 in Italy

Marie Antoinette, the myth of the French sovereign relives in the TV series from February 15 in Italy

Will Marie Antoinette 2 happen?

What do we know about the future of Maria Antonietta 2 season? The tv series in costume with Emilia Schuele written and created by Deborah Davis (screenwriter de The favourite) Will it come back with new episodes?

It concludes Wednesday 8 March 2022 premiered on Sky and Now the first exciting chapter of the historic TV series dedicated to young Austrian queen which shocked the court of France thanks to its modernity.

Precisely in France, the Franco-Polish production was broadcast until November 21, 2022 on Canal+. Since then, however, the costume drama hasn’t received any confirmation of any renewals ahead of one second season.

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However, considering the success of past titles that have told of great sovereigns such as Catherine the Great, The Great, Sissi e The Empress – not to mention The Crown, it is possible that the production will eventually decide to give hers a second chance Marie Antoinettethe TV series that chronicles the rise – and fall – of one of the most enigmatic figures in European history.

When does Marie Antoinette 2 come out?

When at the release of any new episodes, in case of confirmation by summer 2023, we assume the return of Maria Antonietta 2 not before spring 2024.

In fact, we recall that for the first season more than a year of work was spent between filming that began in France in September 2021, development and post-production.

In France, the series then premiered on Canal+ on October 31, 2022 with two unreleased episodes available every Friday. BBC Two will broadcast the series in the United Kingdom from spring 2023, when it will also land in the United States thanks to the generalist network PBS.

Advances on Marie Antoinette 2

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Emilia Schule in a scene from the TV series
Emilia Schule in a scene from the TV series “Marie Antonietta” Credits: Sky

Created and written by Deborah Davis (author of The favourite), the TV series Marie Antoinette follows the story of the incredibly modern and avant-garde young queen, played by Emilia Schüle (Ku’damm 56/63). Writing the ambitious costume drama – in addition to Davis – are Louise Ironside (The Split), Avril E. Russell (All on a Summer’s Day) and Chloe Moss (Run Sister Run). The series is directed by Pete Travis (Bloodlands) and Geoffrey Enthoven (Children of Love).

In case of one second seasonlet’s imagine we can continue to discover the touching story of her life at court between freedom, independence and feminism well ahead of its time.

How does Marie Antoinette end

It ends with the eighth and final episode the first chapter of the costume tv series with Emilia Schuele. During the season finale, after finally becoming pregnant, Marie Antoinette spends her time away from Louis XVI at the Petit Trianon. While the king devotes his time to supporting the war of independence, our protagonist slowly falls in love with a familiar face. Will we find them together in the eventual season 2?

Cast of Marie Antoinette 2

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In addition to Emilia Schuele in the role of the main protagonist, we imagine to see again in the cast too Louis Cunningham (as Louis XVI), Jack Archer, Jasmine BlackborowCrystal Shepherd-Cross, caroline pietteNathan Willcocks, Liah O’PreyGaia Weiss e James Purefoy (in the role of Louis XV). Marthe Keller, Roxane Duran, Oscar Lesage, Liah O’Prey, Jonas Bloquet, Paul Bandey, Laura Benson and Yoli Fuller also appear in the first season.

Marie Antoinette 2 trailer, does it exist?

Having not yet been confirmed, much less filmed, of Maria Antonietta 2 there are no official clips. Waiting to discover them, here is the opening official trailer of the first season.

Marie Antoinette episodes 2

There are eight episodes that make up the first season. Let’s imagine the same number of episodes also for the second hypothetical chapter. The series is produced by Claude Chelli and Margaux Balsan for Capa Drama, Stéphanie Chartreux for Banijay Studios France and Christophe Toulemonde for Les Gens.

Filming took place in many prestigious historical locations, including the castles of Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Lésigny, Champs, Voisins and the emblematic Bry-sur-Marne studios.

Marie Antoinette 2 streaming

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In streaming, in the event of an official renewal, let’s imagine reviewing the new episodes of Maria Antonietta 2 once again on Now e on demand on Sky Series.