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Alessia Marcuzzi, the new flirt is a former face of Amici

Alessia Marcuzzi, the new flirt is a former face of Amici

The showgirl and presenter Alessia Marcuzzi seems to be dating a former face of Amici: let’s see together who it is!

Alessia Marcuzzi has a new flirt and it is a familiar face to the public Channel 5because he participated in the Evening of Amici 21. The two met during the recordings of Boomerissima, a Rai 2 program hosted by Marcuzzi.

Alessia Marcuzzi and the new flirt: who is it about?

The presenter has just separated from Paolo Calabresi Marconiwhich took place in September 2022, but the weekly Chi he paparazzi her in the company of a well-known face from the Canale 5 program: it’s about Jody Proietti20 years younger than the presenter and who has experience in the field of dance with Tale and Which Show and was part of the corps de ballet of the 2017 Sanremo Festival.

The weekly Chi he caught them together as they strolled the streets of Rome and revealed:

“A month ago, the tip-off arrives that there is something between a dancer and Marcuzzi. The photographers begin stakeouts under the house of one and the other. Then one Sunday in late January, she leaves by taxi from Parioli to the San Giovanni district and slips into the building where Proietti lives. On March 2, Jody Proietti leaves the house, arrives at the Brancaccio Theater and waits. A smart car arrives, from which Alessia gets out and Proietti greets her affectionately.”

According to the weekly, it seems, in fact, that the two have met again on several occasions and that they have made separate appointments to then reach the homes of one or the other together. Are we facing a new couple?