Mare Fuori, are international remakes coming? In the US they are certain

The third season of Sea Out it came up RaiPlayRAI platform on which you can also discover these 5 interesting TV series to watch for free.

Sea Out is getting really great success: released on February 1st on RaiPlay it has become the most watched content ever on the platform while Carmine Di Salvoone of the protagonists, appears in the ranking of February’s 6 favorite TV series characters on TvTime.

The RAI press office also reports that in the month of February Sea Out are RaiPlay ha reached and exceeded 105 million views, con over 45 million hours of online useby an audience that is over 40% made up of young people under the age of 25.

And this great success could take the series beyond the borders of Italy and get it remakes.

Sea Out is already present abroad with the title The Sea Beyond and there may be remakes

Perhaps not all fans of the series know this, but Sea Out it has already arrived abroad: the German Beta Filma company that deals with the distribution of rights in the world of cinema and television, already has sold the rights to the series in more than twenty countries worldwide, with the title The Sea Beyond.

In Northern Europe, for example, Sea Out it is broadcast by Tv4, in Germany it is available on Disney+, in Israel it is distributed by the Hot group, while in Latin America it is included in the Hbo Max catalog. And the list could also soon include the United States.

But not only. As Variety also reports, Beta Film is in talks with companies in France and Spain to produce local remakes. On the other hand, the series presents universal themes, such as that of juvenile crime. It must also be said that part of its success is linked to its connections with the Neapolitan context, so it would be interesting to see how it could be adapted to different realities.

Sea Out it will not end with the third season. The writer and creator Cristiana Farina said that there are plans for the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons.

Sea Out 3: will there be a different ending?

Born from an idea of ​​Cristiana Farina, Sea Out debuted on TV in September 2020 but was more successful when it was added to the Netflix catalog in 2022.

At the moment the series has reached its third season, already present on RaiPlay and still broadcast on Rai2. According to rumors, we could see a different ending on RAI than RaiPlay, with extra scenes and the return of a long-lost character. And a TikToker called Rai to find out the truth.

The cast includes, among others, Nicolas Maupas (Filippo), Massimiliano Caiazzo (Carmine), Valentina Romani (Great), Caroline Crescentini (Paola Vinci), Carmine Recano (commander Massimo Esposito), Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci) e Matthew Paulillo (Edward).

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