Fedez confesses on social media: “It’s been a very tough two months, I’ve been sick”

The rapper has decided to confide to his followers, who are worried about his condition, what has been happening in his life in recent months. Here’s what he revealed.

In recent weeks, the name of the rapper Fedezhusband of Clare Ferragni, has often ended up at the center of gossip: from the kiss with Rosa Chemical on the Ariston stage, during the last evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023, passing through the (alleged and denied) crisis with his wife, not counting the criticisms for the charities, received in particular from Selvaggia Lucarelli, after some statements by the rapper. Fans of the artist, however, have also noticed that his recent social media appearances were characterized by unusual behavior and evident emotional and physical stress, difficult to ignore.

Fedez, the confession on social media about his health

The singer revealed, in an intervention on social media, for the first time, what has been happening to him for a few weeks now and has once again denied the rumors of a crisis with his wife. Fedez he has been very absent in the last few days, missing both the press conference of Lol 3 – Chi ride è fuori, and the Corinaldo trial where he had to testify. In his message, the rapper has decided to finally reveal the reason for these absences, openly addressing the difficult issue of mental health.

Fedez he countered the rumors about the alleged crisis with Clare Ferragnicompletely denying them, and said that his problems go back to when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer:

“Privileged as it may be, it was a traumatic event. Only today did I realize how much I have not taken care of my mental health since this event, and have relied only on psychiatric drugs. I have changed over the months until when I didn’t find one that just wasn’t right for me.”

The rapper revealed that in January he was prescribed this strong antidepressant which however had several side effects on him, both from a physical point of view, with mouth tics that prevented him from speaking and which led him to be often confused and to have leg spasms that prevented him from walking. Added to this were waves of nausea, headaches and dizziness. To try to recover his health, the rapper decided to suspend him, not gradually, as is usually recommended, precisely because of the strong side effects. To date, the rapper reveals, he is alone thanks to his familyto his children and to his wife who can say that he is better and that he is on the road to full recovery.

In defense of his wife, the rapper said:

“There’s been a lot of talk about my wife in this period and she’s the only person who has stood by me. I’m sorry she had to suffer a storm of undeserved media shit.”

As a testament to the great love and support that Clare Ferragni was for him, the rapper then published an Instagram post in which he urged people in need to take care of those who offer support and show that they are there.

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