Saturday, February 24, 2024

After the success of Tear along the edges, DogHead Animation opens a studio in Puglia

After the success of Tear along the edges, DogHead Animation opens a studio in Puglia

DogHead Animation of Florence, behind the quality 2D Italian animation seen in Tear along the edges and Topo Gigio, opens an office in Puglia in Bari. The goal is to continue to attract talent.

Even if you don’t know its name, you’ve certainly come across the2D animation from the DogHead Animationthe studio founded by Movimento Production in 2018, with headquarters in Florence and which is now expanding with a branch office in Barithe DogHead Animation Apulia. DogHead has dealt, in different tasks, with series such as Tear along the edges e Mouse Gigioof the final cartoon of Tolo Toloas well as of music video: “Le Coeur Holiday” (Mika) and “The Moon and the Cat” (Takagi & Ketra). This is just to mention some of the many works, also in co-production with other realities.

DogHead Animation Apulia, the purpose of enlargement

At the head of Marcello Maggi, the DogHead Animation Apulia is already operational in Pavilion 81 of the Levante Fair in Barisupported byApulia Film Commission in the Apulia Film House project. Not only are talents sought in the area, but they are trained: some of those who participated for example in the recent “aniMADE in Puglia” have already been included in the staff of the productions at the start. According to Giovanna Bo, executive producer of DogHead, the latter will also have an “international flavor”. A longer and more complete training path will instead take place through the collaboration with Graphitethe School of Comics, Drawing and Illustration.
They do not hide a long-term artistic and social goal Annamaria Tosto and Antonio Parente, President and General Director of the Apulia Film Commission: to promote “the return of many talents who left to pursue their passion and to encourage the training courses of those who want to dedicate themselves to new professions. The start of aimportant production unit of one of the main realities of the animation sector in Puglia – and the hospitality of a few dozen young animators for long phases of processing of innovative products and projects – can only be good for the nascent Apulian animation system and corroborate it on our territory the rooting”.