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Oscars 2023: Listen to the five soundtracks in the running for the Academy Award

Oscars 2023: Listen to the five soundtracks in the running for the Academy Award

Cinema is a moving image, but this movement also needs to be accompanied by music that enhances its power and ability to evoke emotions and feelings. In anticipation of the Night of the Oscars on March 12, let’s close our eyes and dream while listening to the five soundtracks that will compete for the Oscar.

Of course, cinema is image, but the role played by the soundtrack in a film is fundamental and undeniable. You try, just to give an example, to imagine Psycho without the music of Bernard Hermannor the films of Sergio Leone without those of Ennio Morricone. L’Academy Award for Best Score has been assigned since 1935, and has seen the triumph of music that has become part of the imagination of all of us, known and whistled continuously, capable of evoking images, feelings, sensations.
Here are the five soundtracks candidates for the Oscars 2023.

Nothing new on the western front

The soundtrack of the film directed by Edward Bergerand Netflix Original which surprisingly got well nine Academy Award nominations this year, including Best Film and Best International Film, was composed by Volker Bertelmannholder of the nomination, musician also known under the pseudonym of Hauschka.


Candidate for the soundtrack of Babylonundoubtedly fundamental and omnipresent in this film, is the American composer Justin Hurwitzthe one who set music to all the films of Damien Chazelle: Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, Whiplash, La La Land e First Man – The first man.

The spirits of the island

The author of the soundtrack to the film directed by Martin McDonagh, which in addition to this got eight other Academy Awards nominations this year, including Best Picture, is The American Carter Burwellwho had already scored the other films by McDonagh (In Bruges, 7 psychopaths, Three posters in Ebbing, Missouri) and almost all the films directed by Coen brothers.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

The one for the soundtrack is one of the eleven Oscar nominations 2023 obtained from Everything Everywhere All at Once, revelation film of the year. It was composed by the Son Luxan experimental, electronic and post-rock music group consisting of founder and leader Ryan Lott along with Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang.

The Fabelmans

The author of the soundtrack does not need much introduction The Fabelmans, John Williamsthe man who set American cinematographic imagery to music from the end of the seventies to today, creating motifs that we all know as those of Star WarsOf The sharkOf Indiana Jones and many others. Williams won five Academy Awards during his careerand this is his 53esima nomination: only Walt Disney received more (59).