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Men and Women, Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo got married!

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo got married!

Yesterday, Sunday 5 March, Sonny Di Meo and Sara Shaimi, historic couple of Men and Women, got married. Let’s find out everything about the event.

As we announced yesterday, Sunday 5 March, Sonny DiMeo e Sara Shami they married. The couple, who met in Men and womenthe dating show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi and after several ups and downs in their relationship, they decided to get married in a whirlwind wedding.

Men and Women, Sonny Di Meo and Sara Shaimi married

The rumors had been launched a few days ago and fans were immediately intrigued by what was in all respects a flash marriage: in fact, the couple had announced only a few months ago that they had separated and In Meo he had started dating another woman, so much so that Shaimi she hadn’t held back from commenting on the various news about the ex. There were also constant rumors of alleged betrayals and a reconciliation between the two lovers seemed impossible.

Then, surprisingly, a few weeks ago, the couple announced that they had made up with each other and that they have every intention of taking their relationship to the next level. Sara Shami she had revealed that, although many did not understand her motivations, she had been driven by the love she had for In Meo to give himself another chance, moreover, he had denied rumors of betrayal by his partner and that their strong characters had pushed them to separate them. Then, as a real twist, a few days ago the news of their marriage had spread, which would have been celebrated on Sunday 5 March: and so it was.

The ceremony was celebrated in Rabat in Morocco, in full Moroccan style, to honor the origins of the former tronista of the dating show, who returned to her country to say the fateful yes to her Sonny DiMeoin the presence of the parents. From the photos that have been published in the stories of the two newlyweds, Sara Shami wearing the splendid dress typical of the Moroccan tradition and according to some, the silhouette of the dress would underline a suspicious bulge at the height of the abdomen, which would confirm her pregnancy. In reality, at the moment none of those directly involved have commented on the rumors of an alleged pregnancy.

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