Saturday, February 24, 2024

From the Arrowverse to nothing, Marc Guggenheim: ‘I feel like I wasted my time’

From the Arrowverse to nothing, Marc Guggenheim: 'I feel like I wasted my time'

After a decade behind some of the most beloved superhero series, the writer and producer is disappointed not to be approached by DC Studios about the new course of the DC Universe.

After spending the last decade shaping theArrowverse along with Greg Berlanti, May the writer and executive producer Marc Guggenheim will see his acclaimed superhero media franchise leave the screens with the latest episode of The Flash. The stories and characters of DChowever, will continue to live, in a new course that for months James Gunn e Peter Safran are forming at DC Studios, mainly for HBO Max. New course for which Guggenheim and his experience have not been contemplated in the slightest.

Marc Guggenheim on the new DC Universe

Guggenheim, which since the debut of Arrow in 2012 he also worked at The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl e Batwomanhe writes in a post published on his blog Legal Dispatch that although the Arrowverse has, among other things, hosted a crossover event – Crisis on Infinite Earths – which “brought together the characters from the 1966 series Batmanfrom the 1989 film Batmanfrom the 1990 series Flashof the series Smallville, Lucifer, Doom Patrol, Titans e Swamp Thingof films Green Lantern, Superman Returns e Kingdom Come‘, plus Ezra Miller’s surprise appearance as big-screen Barry Allen in a scene with TV’s Grant Gustin, such efforts were met with “apathy” from Hollywood.

“There were tweets. There were posts. There were memes. There was a lot of talk about it. All things I was – and remain – deeply proud of,” Guggenheim continues. However, “Hollywood took everything we did with coolness. Actually, the coolness was going to be a step forward.” Therefore, when the new heads of DC Studios announced that they were putting together a group of writers to shape the new DC Universe, Guggenheim says he wasn’t “particularly surprised” that they weren’t considered. Not employment, mind you. A meeting. A conversation. to work hard in that vineyard”. He adds: “While working for DC has been creatively fulfilling, it has come with many adversities, challenges, and personal sacrifices, none of which appear to have resulted in any professional gain. Simply put, the Arrowverse has resulted in nothing concrete. , so, at least career-wise, it feels like I’ve really wasted my time.”

On a previous occasion, Gunn had said that “DC’s history is pretty messed up”, referring to the Arrowverse, two versions of the Zack Snyder film Justice League and even to his own film and series Suicide Squad e Peacemaker. “Nobody supervised the matrix. They just gave away IP to all the creatives who gave them a smile as if it were party favors,” he added. Now, a large part of television and film productions will move under the same umbrella, as he explained earlier last month, on the occasion of theannouncement of the first cycle of stories for the new DC Universe.