Beatrice Valli, the latest updates on pregnancy and the date of delivery

Beatrice Valli is pregnant with her fourth child, the third from her husband Marco Fantini, and revealed how she is spending the last few months waiting for the birth and also when the happy event is expected. Let’s find out together what she revealed.

Beatrice Valli is pregnant and will soon be a mother for the fourth time: after Alessandro, Azzurra and Bianca, a fourth girl will arrive to cheer up her and her family Marco Fantini. The former suitor of Men and Women told her followers on Instagram how the pregnancy is proceeding and when the birth is expected.

Beatrice Valli, latest news on pregnancy and the date of delivery

Beatrice Valli is one of the most followed influencers in Italy and never misses an opportunity to share her personal life with her fans, such as the video in which she revealed the gender of her fourth baby, and she has a very special relationship with her fans, who They often ask for news on how this fourth pregnancy is going. The influencer also had some health problems, related to the vertigo from which she often suffered and which led her to rest a lot, precisely to prevent them from becoming a more serious problem.

The former suitor of Men and Women wanted to reveal to her followers how the fourth gestation proceeds and has due date revealed:

“The term of pregnancy is April 20. This time we hope there are no surprises and that the birth is close. Why is the belly so low? I don’t know, this time it went down earlier. Let’s hope we are not too far from the I’m going, come on. The baby turned over, so now her head is up and she was kicking me very hard down the bottom and I was having stitches and obviously it was my feet kicking. In fact, I don’t always sleep well because of the discomfort. I have to to say that with this pregnancy there is something new every day.”

We just have to wait for April 20 to get to know the new arrival at home Valli-Fantini.

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