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Prince Harry ate hallucinogenic mushrooms at Courteney Cox’s house

Il principe Harry ha mangiato funghi allucinogeni a casa di Courteney Cox

As many will know, this year the principe Harry of England has published his first memoirtitled Spare. Ever since its release last year January 10ththe book, in which the Buckingham Palace rebel spares no one, not even King Charles and his brother William, has aroused a huge uproar. And to be involved were not only the members of the British royal house, but also, incredible but true, l’attrice Courteney Cox.

Courteney Cox is best known for starring Monica Geller in the iconic series Friendsone of the best sitcoms of all time, of which Prince Harry he is a huge fan. In SpareHarry revealed that in the 2016during a trip to the United Statesit was for a few days guest right at the home of his favorite Courteney Cox. “She was away on business but had no problem letting us stay at her place.” writes the prince. “As a Friends fan, the idea of ​​staying at Monica’s house was glamorous and beautiful“.

At one point, the actress of Friends she returned home, but still allowed Prince Harry and the other guests to stay a few more days. And it just so happens that, right during his stay, Harry would find himself experiencing the effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms for the first time.

Did Prince Harry Eat Magic Mushrooms At Courteney Cox’s House? The actress has her say about her

In SparePrince Harry says he and a friend have noticed gods mushrooms black diamond chocolate cake in Courteney Cox’s refrigeratorWhile the refrigerator door was open we noticed a large box of chocolate black diamond mushrooms”. Prince Harry says. “Someone behind me said they were for everyone. ‘Help yourself, boys’” . He and his friend would then grab some, eat it and help wash it down with tequila. From there they would start the hallucinationsand Prince Harry would have even guessed that a trash can was talking to him.

During a recent interview with Variety, Courteney Cox has told her version of events. The actress of Friends he told of haven’t read yet Spare, but revealed that she knew she had been quoted by the prince about this story. Cox has confirmed the fact that the former English monarch was indeed his guestbut remained on vague about the presence or absence of these fungi in his fridge. Of course, said the actress, it would not have been his intention to offer them to guests.

He’s been here for a couple of days—probably two or three. He is a very kind person. I haven’t read the book. I still want to listen to the audiobook, because I’ve heard it’s really interesting. But yeah, he told me about it. I’m not saying there were mushrooms! I certainly wasn’t offering them around”.

In his book, Prince Harry doesn’t say clearly who gave him permission to take mushrooms, so Courteney Cox could be telling the truth. But then who offered them to the prince? In short, this absurd story is destined to remain a mystery!

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