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Who is Roberta Misticone, Mare Fuori actress?

Who is Roberta Misticone, Mare Fuori actress?

Who is Nina’s mother in Mare Fuori?

Who is the actress Roberta MisticoneNina’s mom in Sea Out? Exactly when Sea Out 3 season conquers the Rai schedules, also scoring 105 million streaming views on RaiPlay in February, we decide to take a step back to the previous seasons.

In detail, let’s go back to the exciting storyline of Nina (Greta Esposito), the ex-girlfriend of Carmine (Massimiliano Caiazzo) as well as mother of Futura. We recall her departure from the scene at the end of the second season when, immediately after marrying Carmine, she is hit by mistake on the same day by Totò (Antonio Orefice) who wanted to kill Di Salvo.

However, Nina was not alone in the world, but with her was her mother Sara, interpreted by Roberta Misticone. A single woman with a precarious job with a modest life. The death of his daughter Nina throws Sara in total despair, so much so as to push the woman to give up custody of her granddaughter Futura left without a mother. Luckily Paola will take care of taking care of her, thus relieving Nina’s mother of her efforts and the courage of having to reject the claims of the Di Salvo family.

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Who is Roberta Misticone met in the cast of Sea Out 1 and 2 season? Let’s talk about the interpreter from Campania born in Naples on 30 September 1979. For this reason, in 2023, the actress completes 44 years old. But where have we seen her perform?

Roberta Misticone movies and TV series

Not only TV series, but the interpreter from Campania is also very active in theater and cinema, where we see her acting in various short films and even in the film The abusive prince by Alessandro Siani.

On the small screen, however, we remember Roberta Misticone for having starred in well-known fiction and TV series such as The teamCapri 3 e Gomorrah – The series.

Roberta Misticone boyfriend

Roberta Misticone does she have a boyfriend? We find out from Roberta’s personal social networks that the actress is in a relationship with the actor Stefano Migliofrom whom in 2018 he had a beautiful daughter, Carola.