Friday, March 1, 2024
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Production on the Dune prequel series halts following the farewells of the director and an actress

La produzione della serie prequel di Dune si ferma dopo l’addio del regista e di un’attrice

Dunethe science fiction novel by Frank Herbert which became a classic, was reborn thanks to the refined and powerful adaptation signed by the director Denis Villeneuve. After being hailed as one of the best films of 2021, the new chapter of the saga that will tell the second part of the novel is currently in production. In the very rich cast of the film, two actors stand out who, despite their age, have already enchanted audiences and critics: Timothée Chalamet e Zendaya Coleman (already protagonist of the series Euphoria). Given the great success that the film has achieved, HBO Max has seen fit to expand the franchise with a prequel series to be distributed exclusively.

The production of the prequel of Dune however it stalled, after the director and an actress of the cast left the project.

To report the news in preview was IndieWirewho made it known that the development of the new series set in Arrakis is proving to be more complex than expected. Johan Renck, who was supposed to direct the show’s first two episodes, and Shirley Henderson, who was supposed to play Tula Harkonnen, both stepped back and left the series, after production began in November. The making of the prequel of Dune had a setback and it will not resume until worthy replacements for both are found. A spokesperson for the series has made it known that these changes have been introduced for the good of the project and that everything is under control. The note reads:

As ‘Dune: The Sisterhood’ has entered a period of hiatus that had been scheduled, some creative changes were made to the production in an effort to create the best series possible and stay true to the source material.”.

Dune: The Sisterhood is the working title of the prequel to the adaptation of Villeneuve. The story is expected to be set 10,000 years before the events depicted in the 2021 film. The protagonists are the Harkonnen Sisters, a clan fighting the forces that threaten the future of humanity. This isn’t the first change taking place behind the scenes in the series and production on the prequel is proving to be very stormy. Originally Denis Villeneuve was supposed to direct the first episode but pulled out, as well as the screenwriters Jon Spaihts e Dana Calvo who at one point decided to abandon the project. If these are the premises, we begin to tremble and fear that this prequel could prove to be a flop. We hope anyway that this awaited TV series manages to find the right direction and that the project goes through.

Meanwhile, if you want to recover Duneyou can find it on Netflix.