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Who is Denise Tantucci actress: age, career and boyfriend

Sei Donne - The mystery of Leila, the start time of the episodes on Rai 1. The details

Who is Denise Tantucci actress

Who is Denise Tantuccithe actress who plays Alessia in Six Women – The Mystery of Leila on Rai 1? The fiction airs in prime time starting from Tuesday 28 February 2023 and is made up of six episodes spread over three prime time evenings. But what do we know about Denise Tantucci’s private life? For example, what is his age? We know that the actress was born in Fano on March 14, 1997, so he turns 26 this year.

Denise Tantucci plays Alessia In
Denise Tantucci plays Alessia In “Sei Donne” Credits: Rai

In which film e TV series Denise Tantucci appeared, as well as Six Women – The Mystery of Leila? You took your first steps especially in television acting in Try again professor! e Don Matteo. Following she starred in A doctor in the family, Red bracelets, champions e Sirens. Al cinemahowever, Denise Tantucci debuted with But you of what sign 6? in 2014, after which she joined the cast of Ben-Hur, Dark, The Indifferent, Vacation on Mars, Three Floors and the most recent The prince of Rome.

Denise Tantucci in Six Women – The Mystery of Leila

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But who plays in Six Women – The Mystery of Leila broadcast on Rai 1? Denise Tantucci is Alessia, the school’s track and field coach. Regarding her character, she told “Alessia is the athletic trainer and therefore the first mask you see of the character is hardness, composure and coldness, if you will. She also shows boldness, almost arrogance, towards the prosecutor, but then we discover that she has a fragile and sweet side, behind which she hides a great strength“.

Denise Tantucci in A Doctor in the Family

Denise Tantucci became famous thanks to A doctor in the family. She joined the 9th season of acclaimed Rai 1 soap opera in 2013 playing Giada Spanoi, an Albanian girl looking for her parents. And it was this role that rewarded her in the eyes of the Italians.