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Daniele Scardina in a coma after an illness, Diletta Leotta writes “Forza Dani”

Daniele Scardina in a coma after an illness, Diletta Leotta writes "Forza Dani"

Daniele Scardina was taken ill during training, his ex Diletta Leotta prays for him on social media

Daniele Scardina in a coma after an illness, Diletta Leotta writes "Come on Dani"

Daniel Scardina was seized by an illness during training, his condition is worrying. The boxer was rushed to hospital where he underwent head surgery. Diletta Leottaex of King Toretto, this is his nickname, wrote a message of encouragement on social media

Daniele Scardina felt ill during training, the boxer was preparing to debut in the light heavyweight category. The illness would have occurred at 17:00 in the FitSquare of Buccinasco, in the province of Milan. After suspending training, King Toretto, while he was in the locker room, felt pain in his ear and in his leg, immediately after which he passed out.

Transported in red code to the Humanitas Clinic in Rozzano, Daniele Scardina underwent emergency head surgery. His conditions are defined as worrying even if no official news has been given for the moment.

Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina pause for reflection: “our history is too important a topic”

Many messages from the many fans on social media, among all that of Diletta Leotta, ex of the boxer, who wrote in the Instagram stories “Come on Dani” with the joined hands emoji. The two shared a year of their life, they met during a boxing meeting and fell in love. The story was closed by the DAZN journalist, the newspapers spoke of a boxer’s betrayal .

After the breakup, King Toretto tried to win Diletta back, without success: “Diletta is the best that life has given me. I don’t throw myself on the ground. I’m a boxer. I took a punch, she left me. But I’m ready to take her back because my heart and hers know what we’ve given each other. That’s how it goes now. I’m in Sardinia, she ditto. But not together. Unfortunately“, confessed Daniele in the private room of the Billionaire on the Costa Smeralda.

Diletta Leotta, Daniele Scardina is determined to win her back: “She is the best that life has given me”

Diletta Leotta was yesterday for DAZN in the Piedmontese capital to follow the derby between Juventus and Turin at the Allianz Stadium. Before closing the link she said: “Allow me a moment, I want to send a greeting and a big hug to Daniele Scardina. Force!