Beasts, Carolina Crescentini among the guests of the episode broadcast tonight on Rai 2: the previews

Tonight on Rai 2 in prime time the Beasts are back: here are some advances on the guests of the February 28 episode of Francesca Fagnani’s program.

Beasts, Carolina Crescentini among the guests of the episode broadcast tonight on Rai 2: the previews

Come back upstairs Rai 2 the appointment with Beasts: the program, conceived and conducted by Francesca Fagnani, following the success of past editions, was promoted in prime time and will be broadcast at 9.20pm. In the second appointment of the new season, the host Rocco Casalino, Carolina Crescentini and Massimo Giletti will be guests.

The pungent and ironic face-to-face encounters are back in which Francesca Fagnani confronts, without discounts, with big names in entertainment, politics, customs and news. Guests willing to get involved, accepting the rules of the programme: tell their stories without filters, answer the presenter’s clear, direct and often irreverent questions.

Tonight 28 February, three guests will submit to Francesca Fagnani’s barrage of questions. Rocco Casalino spokesman and head of the press office of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Conte I and II governments. The actress Carolina Crescentini, one of the protagonists of the success of Mare fuori. Massimo Giletti, host of Non è L’Arena on La7.

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Between novelty of the “format”, which decreed the success of the previous editions, first of all the number of interviews which, interspersed with some moments dedicated to comedy, entrusted to the satire of Ubaldo Pantani and the incursion of some young and talented revelations from the web.

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Between new entryin fact, also Valeria De Angelis and Maria Chiara Cicolani, the two Roman girls who, with their “Heterobasic” Instagram page, give life to an amazing parody of “heterobasic males”, bringing to the stage tics and stereotypes of conversations between men on topics such as football, gender quotas and LGBTQ+.

Finallyspace also for Cristina Di Tella, the girl from Termoli, star of TikTok, capable of perfectly replicating the movements, grimaces and vocal intonations of the television characters.

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