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Beautiful Previews: New actress for Taylor Hayes. That’s why Hunter Tylo is no longer in the cast of the Soap

Beautiful Previews: New actress for Taylor Hayes.  That's why Hunter Tylo is no longer in the cast of the Soap

Hunter Tylo historical face of Taylor Hayes is no longer in the cast of The Beautiful. In the new episodes of the Soap the doctor, mother of Steffy and Thomas, is played by Krista Allen and she will be Ride’s new ex-wife. But let’s find out the reason for this change and find out more about the episodes of Beautiful broadcast on Canale5.

We anticipated it and it finally happened. Taylor is back but with a new face. I fans di Beautifulin these last episodes of the Soap not only did they greet Thomas and Steffy’s mother again but they found themselves in front of aother actress a play Brooke’s enemy number 1as well as Ridge’s ex-wife. But why this sudden change?

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Beautiful Previews: Krista Allen replaces Hunter Tylo in the Soap

We are sure that in these latest episodes you were taken by a certain amazement and not just for the return of Taylor in itself. What made you jump off the sofa was definitely the change of actress. Hunter Tylo, historical face of Taylor Hayes in Beautiful was replaced by his colleague Krista Allen. And announced change, also with us, since 2021 but which materialized in these last Italian episodes, which aired last weekend. Allen, the new Taylor, will keep us company for the next few episodes and we will have to get used to her, as happened with Ridge, played by Ronn Moss for 25 years and replaced by Thorsten Kaye since 2013. But because our historic Taylor wanted, indeed had to leave the Soap?

Beautiful: that’s why Hunter Tylo left the Soap

Krista Allen ha started playing Taylor’s role as early as 2021. The American viewers of Beautiful yes. I am already accustomed to the new face of Taylor but we, in Italy, still have to deal with it. In fact, there are few episodes in which she is the protagonist and everyone will notice thenoticeable wig That Allen was forced to wear per play the role of psychiatrist. But why after so many years Taylor has changed face?
These are obviously very personal choices made by the actress Hunter Tylo, who after experiencing major family problems – the long illness of her daughter and the death of her husband in 2007 – decided to do not continue to collaborate with the soap. There is also talk of contract renewal problems, already present in 2013 and incurable a few years later, which forced the actress, historical face of Steffy and Thomas’s mother, to leave the cast. Taylor’s return, albeit with a new face, was decided by aficionados of the Telenovela (pass us this ancient term) who have called out loudly to this character, in the light of recent events that have affected her family. In fact, there is talk of Steffy’s marriage, the birth of her second child and the return of Sheila, mother of Forrester’s husband. In short, the Taylor Hayes’ presence seemed absolutely necessary. And the his return to the plots it just happens to bean or when Brooke and Ridge are living a big family crisis, caused by Deacon.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Taylor will stay and put a spoke in Brooke’s wheels

Il return of Taylor right now that Ridge and Brooke are in crisis it is obviously not accidental. Steffy’s dreams can come truesince the beautiful Forrester has openly asked her father to come home to her and from his mother and leave Brooke with Deacon and Hope. In short, this request may not be far-fetched… on the contrary.

We anticipate – and we confirm this with our articles on American advances – that Taylor is back to stay and for put a spoke in Brooke’s wheels. The two ancient rivals they will fight again and it will happen that the our Forrester will choose one of the two then ask the same question again: Brooke o Taylor, Taylor o Brooke? Well we also tell you that this time the stylist will not have the last word at all and that very soon we will see a completely unexpected friendship born but really very beautiful. And after thirty years, we really deserved it. Read the article below to find out!

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Saturday at ore 13.45.