Is the fiction Stay with me based on a book?

Is the fiction Stay with me based on a book?

The Rai Fiction remain with me is it from a book? On the way from February 19, 2023 premiered on Rai 1 the thrilling detective story in eight evenings with protagonist Francis Ark e Laura Adriani born from an idea of ​​the Italian writer and playwright Maurice DeGiovanni.

We are talking about the author of famous stories and characters who have come to life in recent years, landing on TV and making us passionate about fiction such as Mina Settembre, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone e Commissioner Ricciardi, to name a few. In the case of remain with me, however, the fiction was not adapted from a book by De Giovanni, who directly edited the screenplay.

Not to be confused, then, is the book of Elizabeth Strout translated into Italian with remain with me, published by Fazi editore in 2010 and belonging to the series Roads.

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We are talking about a romantic story between two young people who spend forty-one days on a boat on the high seas destined to sink. We therefore discover that this story has nothing to do with the story of remain with me broadcast from 19 February 2023 on Rai 1.

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Mario Di Leva plays Diego in
Mario Di Leva plays Diego in “Stay With Me” Credits: Giovanni Fiorito/Rai

What is Stay with me fiction about?

At the center of the story we follow the story of a brilliant Vice Quaestor of the Mobile of Naples.

His life suddenly changes when he gets involved with his wife Paola, a judge at the Juvenile Court, in a tragic shooting. Their relationship is therefore shattered, and Alessandro is soon transferred to the Intervention Unit, a special team that works only from dusk to dawn.

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Alessandro will need all his skill to be able to shed light on the many mysteries and perhaps recover his own life. And if that happens, it will be largely for Diegoa child who with a contagious life force will unhinge his life and that of Paola until they are reborn.

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