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Let’s imagine what the plot of the 50th season of Don Matteo could be like

Immaginiamo come potrebbe essere la trama della 50esima stagione di Don Matteo

Warning, the article contains SPOILERS on Don Matteo. The following will never happen, although it is also not such an abstruse hypothesis. The following is just a delusional figment of the Hall of Series imagination. Avoid reading if you want to continue to have a good memory of Don Matteo.

Now that a new sheriff has arrived in town, Raoul Bova (who risked being replaced by Giancarlo Magalli), nothing will ever be the same on the sweet – but fatal – slopes of the Umbrian countryside. Yet people continue to die, even with Don Massimo snooping around. Against all expectations, the thirteenth season worked even without the historical face of fiction Of Rai 1. But how long can they still go on without the owner? Will the world end with the last episode of the thirteenth season (a number, a destiny, in short)? Terence Hill Will he ever go back to wearing the cassock? From reliable sources, we can confirm that she will return, but not until 2079. Curious as monkeys, we have set in motion a machine of favors; we disturbed our knowledge to get to the upper floors, destroyed our piggy banks to be able to peek into the future and find out when Bondini will be back to pedal through the Umbrian countryside. But the future shocked us, here’s what we found.

Don Matteo, the future

Don Matteo Fru

Spoleto, Molise, 2079. That’s right. Over the past 57 years, the Molise it managed to expand its borders and now dominates central Italy. The last time we saw him, here in 2022, Matteo Bondini had said goodbye to the Umbrian province at the time of the Sudan. After that last poignant letter, however, we never heard from him again. Raoul Bova, who turned out to be an excellent anti-Don Matteo, wore the cassock until he decided to go back to being a carabiniere. At least that way he would get paid to lead the investigation. Over the course of the seasons, faces more or less known to the Italian public have alternated in the role of protagonist jinx. There 15 esima of the 2026for example, saw the passing of the torch between Don Massimo e Don Mrsinterpreted by Gianluca Fru of the The Jackalwho had already come to the rescue of Marshal Cecchini in the 12th season to explain how to become influencer.

Khaby Lame

In the The 21st season, however, the cassock is switched to Khaby Lame who finally showed the people of Spoleto how to avoid being exterminated by the priest. The new concept – it’s easy to see why – it didn’t work for long since his character, Don Alfonso, had no more cases to solve, people were no longer murdered and the population growth of Spoleto was unstoppable. There fiction continued to grind seasons, but was losing more and more viewers. Until, in 2050for the primary role will be chosen Mary of Biaseoriginally from Bonefro (Molise), which becomes the first lady to wear the cassock that was of Terence Hill. The shock of Nino Frassicanow centenary, has led the actor to resume his historical role to the scream of:

A woman priest, what are we kidding?!

Mary of Biase

Marshal Cecchini’s anti-feminist revolt

With the return to the beloved fiction of the Marshal Cecchinicentenary, and his attempts, inconclusive, to dismiss Don Fernanda (precisely, Maria di Biase), Don Matteo will know one second golden age. L’audience multiplies, as well as the inhabitants of the fiction; even the laughter grows until the longed-for ai win arrives Golden Globe of the 2064. And it will be thanks to the statuette, obtained for the merits of the actress of Molise origins, that the region of Celestino V and Antonio Di Pietro will prepare its plan to conquer the center of Italy. Thus, making use of a technology still unknown to the world (bartered with the Golden Globe di Maria di Biase), Molise will bring another one back to life illustrious actor originally from Ferrazzano: Robert De Nirowhich in the 49th season of the 2078 will get the role of revived pastor. Molise, however, is unaware that dying Umbria has the same ace up its sleeve.

Don Matteo 50, we will call him D-erminator

Robert De Niro black

The negotiations in Rai house to complete the drafting of the 50th season will be legendary. Unfortunately, however, our knowledge is not that powerful. So we could only get a glimpse of the future happenings and the plot of the return of Don Matteo Bondini which will take place in Don Matteo 50the season of 2079.

For you, exclusively, the plot:

Two figures from the year arrive in Spoleto 2022: and parroco cyborg of unknown identity, equipped with bicycle wheels instead of legs, and a human soldier who responds to the name of marshal Ninetto Cecchini Jr. (played by a direct descendant of Nino Frassica). The two men have come from the past with different goals and are now wandering in search of the parish priest of Spoleto, Don Fulviointerpreted by Robert De Niro revived. From 38,035 inhabitants, now Spoleto, the capital of Molise, has almost 1 million. The parroco cyborg start randomly killing as many people. There murderous rampage of the unknown alarms Don Fulvio, the only one able to guess that something terrible is happening. As he runs away to warn the carabinieri, however, he trips and breaks his leg. Luckily he is saved by Cecchini Jr., who has arrived just in time to protect him from the cyborg. The marshal is the son of Nino Cecchini. The latter, without explaining how he had come to know the future events, before dying instructed his son to go to the future to stop the murderous fury of the parroco cyborg, once his dearest friend.

The marshal explains to Don Fulvio that the parroco cyborg, in 2022, he was still a good, charitable and merciful man. Then, one day, without notifying anyone, he ran away in the middle of the night. Spoleto mourned her passing for a while. Then, when the crimes started to decrease, they assumed it was bad luck and declared it outlaw. The town has repopulated, but the overpopulation has worsened the life of the inhabitants. The future of Spoleto is in danger, yet no one seems to notice. The cyborg it is an efficient killing machine with a powerful metallic endoskeleton and an outer layer of living tissue that makes him look like a reassuring human. But Cecchini Jr. e Don Fulvio they are not fooled. They flee during the umpteenth attack and take refuge in the basement of the rectory of Sant’Eufemia. Never carabinieri of Spoleto they don’t believe the story of the cyborg. They are convinced that the charming Don Fulvio have the same jinxing power of the notorious priest of the past – now a legend – and they arrest him.

terence hill

But nobody knows what to do. The captain of the carabinieri proposes to interrogate Don Fulvio. Then they realize it always has been the pastor to deal with investigations, mostly violent crimes, thefts or assaults caused by poverty. As Don Fulvio seizes the opportunity and interrogates himself, revealing to the police everything he knows about out of control creature. Meanwhile the cyborg he wanders wounded through the countryside, on his twisted legs. He goes to his old rectory, in Gubbio, where he takes off his mechanical helmet: that cyborg other is not that the true and unique Don Matteo (interpreted by Terence Hillwho was brought back to life byFree Umbria Union). Once all vital functions have been restored, the titular parish priest assaults the police station. Don Matteo-borg he is armed to the teeth and kills everyone present. But Cecchini Jr. and Don Fulvio manage to escape.

Il cyborg it’s unstoppable. Cecchini Jr. and the pastor are backed to the wall. After a long sequence of struggle, now exhausted, Don Fulvio manages to hit the Matteo-borg, whose mechanical body explodes into a thousand pieces. Of him, however, remains the testa. In that moment, Don Matteo cyborg shoot from the eyes and kill the usurper. Cecchini Jr. runs towards the cyborg, to stop him, who finally recognizes him:

Nino, my friend! Is that you!?

Don Matteo

Cecchini Jr. introduces himself and explains to the murderous creature why he was sent by padre to stop his rampage. The marshalimploringly, she picks up her head, which she holds in her hands. The two look at each other intensely, but that’s when, give them eyes, the cyborg sucks the son of his dear companion of chess. Don Matteo thus takes possession of the human body of Cecchini Jr. With the tunic and the features of Nino Frassicathe priest advances towards the city center, serious and decisive, amidst the dust of the now Molise countryside.

It will be exactly like this that – after 79 years – we will discover that Don Matteo was sent in 2000 by the Almighty to keep the demographic growth of the population of Gubbio and then of Spoleto. To ensure the welfare and harmony of the city, someone had to die in each episode. But the distrusted inhabitants did not understand his mission and thought of banishing the parish priest to avoid death and destruction. Instead, population growth has only brought malaise. For this reason, Bondini returned as soon as possible. We called him Don Matteo. Now we can call it D-Erminator. To guarantee peace, someone has to die every day, and badly too.